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TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 021 Site#0241 Award#3.5B021 10/18-11/21/2001 CatManiac's World - This German/English site has pictures of cats and Yosemite National Park. I see a horizontal scroll on the splash page, even at 1024x768, which is a complete disqualifier for some awards. Work on that. It's only a small design deduction for this award. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:35/40 = 87%
www.gwsystems.com/inge Inge Grotjahn
Site#0251 Award#3.5B022 11/4-12/12/2001 BlueSlayah's Virtual World - I found an attractive, fast loading site. There's a separate German/English award program. Framed navigation has sections at the bottom. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 87% www.blueslayah.de Arne Koch TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 022
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 023 Site#0252 Award#3.5B023 11/4-12/12/2001 Alpha-Omega - This small, framed site is fast loading, and done with attractive pastel colors. I didn't dig around too much in the philosophy. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:34/40 = 86% DEAD LINK www.alpha-omega.f2s.com Mark Jedrzejczyk
Site#0272 Award#3.5B024 11/18-12/21/2001 Ceslestee - This site for kids also has an award program. There are many participation pages. Some games were difficult to restart, but a page refresh worked. Light blue on lighter blue nonvisited links are tough to read. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:37/40 = 89% www.geocities.com/ceslesteekidsworld Ceslestee TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 024
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 025 Site#0309 Award#3.5B025 1/3-2/4/2002 Aspect Ireland - The site states that Internet Explorer is best, usually because of Microsoft specific HTML. In this unusual case, Netscape 4.0 views the site with no problems at all that I could see. I looked at some of the 19th century stories with interest, since I had some Colclough ancestors possibly from County Wexford. My merit award is green, but I'll do better than that. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 87% home.freeuk.com/aquinas/index.htm Tom Brown
Site#0317 Award#3.5B026 1/13-3/2/2002 Steen's Hjemmeside - This site has changed its look a bit in the last year. Load time is 2 to 3 minutes per page. A slideshow visible in Internet Explorer shows a gray box in Netscape. Steen has an assortment of features, including drivers, cartoons, clipart and a family section. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:32/40 = 85% web.ukonline.co.uk/elve Steen Elvekjaer TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 026
Bronze Award 27 refused
Site#0327 Award#3.5B028 1/23-3/2/2002 Egyptian Mythology - This attractively designed site loaded in 2 to 3 minutes, probably due to long pages. Anyhow, much of the Egyptian classical religion and ideas is explained here. Score: Design:24/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:33/40 = 82% DEAD LINK homepages.paradise.net/nz/archange Sonja Hickey TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 028
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 029 Site#0340 Award#3.5B029 2/10-3/21/2002 Sweety's Dreams - Design was plain, but useful. Animation was minimal, enough to have interest, and did not interfere with this small system. I had trouble with a Liebesbriefe parameter, but it ran correctly in Internet Explorer. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:32/40 = 84% www.sweetysdreams.de.vu Caro (Sweety) Koch
Site#0342 Award#3.5B030 2/10-3/21/2002 informacion al navegante - This site has been evolving into a repository on the Spanish bus system, and is easier to use and is more self contained since the last review. As a result, I am upgrading the award to bronze. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:33/40 = 83% galeon.hispavista.com/redirigir.phtml Ignacio Fernandez TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 030

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