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TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 031 Site#0344 Award#3.5B031 2/10-3/21/2002 Ferrari, mystic models - What I see here is a fan site for Ferraris (the car). An Enzo Ferrari quotation which remains on the frame is "Aerodynamics is for those people who can't build engines." Their collection of photos, sounds and videos is comprehensive. I found one picture of a car in front of a funeral home a bit curious. For the future, they might consider adding text about design history, and features of each model. Navigation was a bit confusing in spots, but manageable. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:20/30, Content:36/40 = 83%
dead link
DEAD LINK Stéphane Rieutord
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 032 Site#0358 Award#3.5B032 2/21-4/10/2002 New Millennium Awards Program - The yellow square on the page was crisp and served to separate the different design elements on the black background. A little animation caused some minor problems over here. The award program makes provision for a staff of 5. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:35/40 = 87%
www.milleniumaward.homestead.com Corey Huffman
  TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 033 Site#0370 Award#3.5B033 3/3-4/10/2002 ABA, Inc. - Web Site Design & Development - That stands for Albuquerque Business Alliance, not American Bar Association. I found the numerous screen shots helpful to explain their web services placed on this marketing site. Native Goldonline will not load here. Score: Design:26/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 86%
www.abainc.nm.com Virginia Rae C. Kirch {Stubella}
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 034 Site#0383 Award#3.5B034 3/13-5/1/2002 Ron Jones Realty - Here is a small, concise real estate site, with extra pages for schools, churches and area attractions. I had a few minor problems in Netscape with the Schools page. Searching on "10 bedroom" properties yielded some trailer homes. They're roomier than I thought. Any change returned the same list. Maybe they're not working. Helpful detail navigation allowed moving back and forth or jumping to either end. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 87%
www.ronjonesrealty.com Ronald E. Jones
Site#0386 Award#3.5B035 3/20-5/1/2002 MasterFreakz - This small site was dark, but colors were well coordinated. I could not see the bottom of frame navigation, and there was no way to move down. After resetting from 800x600 to 1024x768, it worked correctly. A statement for "best viewed at 1024x768" would be helpful. I will look forward to more pages later. Score: Design:24/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:30/40 = 83%
www.masterfreakz.de Christian Unger
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 035 Site#0389 Award#3.5B036 3/23-5/8/2002 Speeds Cartoons - Here's a repository for cartoons, jokes and animation. The censors may struggle with some of them. The site is optimized for IE, but I really didn't have any problems with the skeletons of the pages. I didn't try to load the large cartoons, but checked some on a larger computer. At least "back" navigation is found in the popups. Size indication of the cartoons is also helpful. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:24/30, Content:39/40 = 88%
www.speeds-cartoons.com Bruce Maston
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 036
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 037 Site#0395 Award#3.5B037 3/29-5/10/2002 Daytona Beach Know It All - Moving to Florida? Check out some Daytona info, and also things to do. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:26/30, Content:32/40 = 83%
www.daytonabeachknowitall.com Jerry Kollar
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 038 Site#0412 Award#3.5B038 4/20-5/29/2002 Surflocal USA - I had a few java problems earlier, but think that they worked on the NullPointException Crash and fixed it. Space is given for a "citysearch" web service with local website links where available. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:29/30, Content:35/40 = 89%
www.surflocal.net Trinity Prescott
Site#0417 Award#3.5B039 4/22-6/5/2002 CookToon Cartoons - Of note: Full navigation was preserved when large cartoons were viewed from the thumbnails. In one session, I found the animation in a popunder after I was done. It looked better the next time. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 88%
www.cooktoon.com Aaron Cook EMAIL RETURNED
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 039 Site#0419 Award#3.5B040 4/26-6/5/2002 Uwe Ramm's Homepage - I had a few problems with some white centers in Netscape, but in Internet Explorer, I found that these were supposed to fade to black with text. There's also an award program. Score: Design:22/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:38/40 = 87%
www.ramm-bremen.de Uwe Ramm DECEASED
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 040  

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