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Dragan and Nikkolai/D N A/DNA ex3.5(12/5/01-5/14/04)3.0(6/20/01) down9/6/02 #1632. gold 2nd level (Pt,,Ag,bronze,merit)0.500
Royal Internet Post/Golden Stamp ex3.5(10/24/01-5/14/04)3.0(12/13/00)DOWN royal-internet-post.org2/17/02 reawarded #640.ALT orig NR and 3.01.000
3.5 total 1.500
  • DOWN Twenty Internet Crown 10/11/00 20 Internet Crown/Twenty Internet Crown ex3.5(_-5/14/04)3.0(10/11/00) Advanced Web Design 9/5/01 American 3/12/03 American Association of Webmasters 6/19/02
      NO AWARD Angylion 5/8/02 Artisan Studio 10/2/02 reinstated
      DOWN Black Russian Terrier 1/16/02 BV.Lindenheuvel 4/2/03 Celtic Castle 3/12/03-5/18/04 retired Cyber Web3 10/17/01 D&N Vision ex9/19/01-5/14/04 down DRH Design 12/5/01 Dyno Womyn 6/8/99 FANTastic 11/18/98 The Fred 1/9/02 Gadzillion 5/31/99 Global Aircraft 2/19/03 Global Excellence 2/14/01 Megowan's Myths/High Caliber 11/22/00 Information Revolution 9/1/99
      DOWN Inside Hotwire 3D 2/26/03 Internet Excellence 8/8/01 Internet Tips and Secrets 7/5/00 Keepitsimplestu 7/6/99
      DOWN KoolKat 1/29/03 Korea 3/19/03 Lancasters' Talking Hands 4/18/01 Logic's 8/8/01 LTS Grail 3/20/02 Lynx 11/4/99 Mind Your Own Business Cool Site 6/8/99 NC's Outer Banks 8/28/02 Rajuna 7/13/99 Ruby Red Heart 1/30/02 Shandygaff 6/29/99 Surflocal 11/13/02 Surftip 3/5/03 Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence 9/12/01 TimArt/Tim's Spider 3/5/03 Uwe Ramm 2/19/03 Vicki 5/9/01 Vie's Inn of Wonders 1/22/03 Web 101 A+ 3/17/99
      NEED LINK Web Design 2000 11/21/01 Webmaster Excellence 10/17/01 Weis 1/29/03 Whispers' 8/19/99 DOWN Witheridge 10/2/02
      ANIMAL/NATURE/GARDENING Le Bep's Gardening Excellence 3/21/01
      ARTS Poet 10/6/99
      ARTS Zeroflux 3/15/00
      DOWN COMMUNITY Kimbas Angels ex3.5community(11/21/01-4/11/03)3.0(3/28/01)
      COMMUNITY/TRAVEL Premio Napoli 1/29/03
      COMMUNITY/SCOUTING Scout Merit 4/26/01
      COMMUNITY Scouting the Web 6/15/99
      HEALTH Nursing Excellence 3/12/03
      HUMOR Fan Funny 6/7/00
      INDUSTRY 24k award Jewelers 11/6/02
      KIDS L'il Fingers 11/20/02
      MILITARY Cadet 7/25/01
      MUSIC Internet Marching Band 1/19/00
      REGION Japan Reference 10/11/00

    bar award change wide 747x28 originally, buttonized, color coordinated, stretched and cropped by john foster



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