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Award Sites 150x50
Award Sites 150x20

Award Sites! started spring 1997
TPC Award Program closed November 17, 2005

Awards Awards 132x72
Awards Awards started Oct 1997

TOP TEN Awarded site
Top Ten Awarded Sites started Oct 1997

United Award Givers 4 150x43
UAG started Mar 2001 CLOSED

Webs Awards Rating Level       10 Supreme since 1/13/2003 new logo 150x50 Kingdom of Internet Duke   of Awards since 5/7/2001 new logo 70x50
WebsAwards started Apr 2001, down May 2004 (see below)

International German Top Awards 3*** Quality instead of quantity 137x70 german-top-awards.de closed
GTA started before May 2001 CLOSED

Retsof Award Index 150x42
Retsof Award Index started Jun 2001

Area51 Awards Reference Source 200x40 Web Awards Reference Source started before Sep 2001 CLOSED

World's Creme of Awards 5 160x50
Hyakinthos Award Index started before Oct 2001 DOWN May 2004

Euro Award Index 115x161
Euro Award Index started Jan 2002 rerated May 2004 (see below)

Eutoda Site Awards - Member=NA#058 200 days 150x50
EUTODA Award Index started Jan 2002 CLOSED Apr 2004 replaced by AFA

Chimaera @wards Index 150x100
Chimaera started before Feb 2002 CLOSED

UWSAG 3+ Member 150x60
UWSAG started Mar 2002

www.copacabanarunners.net Portuguese Web Awards List
Awards for Sites in Portuguese started before May 2002 CLOSED

ARC Level 2 105x45
ARC-A List started before Jun 2002 CLOSED

WebsAwards Site Inspector since 9/2/2002 125x100
WebsAwards.com Site Inspector since Sep 2002, websawards down for rerating May 2004

Treasures of the Web Award List 150x50
TOTW started 2002, CLOSED 2005

Age 40+ Award Giver - Circus World list 80x110
Circus World Age 40+ Award Giver started before 2003

Olymp Award Index 5.0 140x84
OAI started before Mar 2003

Outland Award Listing, Wm C Gowacki 212x36
Outland started Mar 2003, CLOSED

Palion Award Index 4 since Aug 17 2003 185x137
PAI started before Jun 2003

Astral Awards Peer since 9/7/2002 145x145
Astral Awards Peer started Jul 2003

Awards Cartel 150x50
Awards Cartel started summer 2003

Hit List 101x33
TLTC Hit List started before Sep 2003 CLOSED

CQD Hit List 88x31
CQD Hit List started before Sep 2003 CLOSED

R.D.'s Award Listing since 10/26/03 150x80
R.D.'s Award Listing started Oct 2003

Awards Hot List 150x50
Awards Hot List started before Nov 2003 CLOSED

Bandit Award Index 166x60
Bandit A.P. Listing started before Jan 2004, CLOSED 2005

I.W.A.R.A. 5 140x95
I.W.A.R.A. started Spring 2004

new WebsAwards.org May 2004 120x60
new WebsAwards.org started May 2004

Euro Award Index 3 107x150
Euro Award Index rerated June 2004, relaunched Spring 2005

The Texas Precancel Club Award Program was closed on November 17, 2005. Reviews were being conducted, but there had not been any winners for awhile. HTML has changed over the years to be more Microsoft-centric, and there is now a rarity of sites that are viewable in Netscape 4.

bar award change wide 747x28 originally www.tmbfree.com, buttonized, color coordinated, stretched and cropped by john foster




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