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Awards of Elegance Horizon Award

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  #1736. Awards of Elegance Horizon Award - June 3, 2003 -

Congratulations~! Your site was either submitted or nominated by one of your managers or members We also choose our special awards such as the Rose award or the Compassion award from groups selected by our non MSN judges Awards of Elegance is Proud to present you with an award for your site. Our Panel of Judges has enjoyed each site very much Many of them are pleasantly surprised at how each of you managed to keep their attention regardless of your site's topics This is a first step award from Awards of Elegance We look forward to having you compete in page challenges, holiday contests and most of all come to the magic moment when you try to reach an even higher award category We are delighted at seeing so many submissions as well as the new sites we have discovered and now wish to award and share what they have to offer There is a sense of renewed interest growing with regard to MSN sites That is so important to ALL of us here If at any time you need assistance please feel free to ask We neither perform a full site critique nor do web reviews but will be happy to assist you in locating those wonderful groups that do We also can help you find award sites to further promote your site All recommendations are based on what we as an award site and managers of our own sites feel are delightful and helpful sites Awards are a fantastic way to promote your site Awards build morale and also reward the hours it takes for that fantastic site you click on and expect it to have just happened There are so many things that go into a site It is nothing without the members as they are the continual and ever changing Foundation of Goodwill You are being awarded based on the criteria at Awards of Elegance The award criteria varies from site to site but the award community in general are happy to see so many talented individuals still trying to make a difference in their corner of the web Since we focus on the issue of copyright we are delighted to see so many trying to learn how and when to give credit We celebrate the way your site is making a difference on MSN and on the whole web This requires dedication, member participation and an ever constant struggle to make each site be truly a Treasure of the Web Thank you for allowing us to visit your site~! © 2003 Awards of Elegance-All Rights Reserved You may post this award on your site,resize it,or place it in an album. Photo credit for Horizon Award-Liam60-Thank you~!

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Awards of Elegance Founders Choice Accolade Award
208x304 aoejane.jpg JaneCannon
  #1737. Awards of Elegance Founders Choice Accolade Award - June 3, 2003 -

This award will be presented each month and will be a "forever award",meaning your site will be in the Accolade Hall of Fame for as long as forever *note,it would take entire panel of our Evaluators to vote to request removal of award* At the end of the year,there will be a contest in which you will help determine the Ultimate ~!Best of the Best for 2003!~ The Criteria is simple. This award will go to sites/groups/and individuals,that are a delight to visit and even more wonderful to be a member or a fan. How you treat members or visitors will be a large part of this award. Throughout the year,a panel of various judges will choose sites that appeal to them,offers information,and most of all,either sponsors new up and coming artists in any genre,or gives credit to those whose work they use. Copyright,Originality,and Positive Attitude will also be in the criteria. This award cannot be applied for.The chosen recipient(s) will have their sites placed on the board and also this page (or any additional one to this award. The size of a group or site is not a factor in the decision of the panel and the founder.The panel will have a 75% voting margin and the founder 25%. The only disqualification for this award is this. 1.Group no longer exists 2.Any material placed or linked to must not contain any form of activity that would break the TOS and COC of MSN. 3.Site refuses award-therefore automatic DQ. 4. This award is one that you either have won or have not,so to place it on your site(having actually not won it) is a copyright infringement of the artist and this site and all private associations. It may also guarantee shuttering or constitute bandwidth theft.This goes against all that we stand for. The links on this site have either been recommendations of the Staff,Judges or Members,or some type of approval has been given. Final decision rests with AOE. We are not in any way associated with MSN or any of their affiliates. Upon winning this award,each site is responsible for giving credit to our Artist. Failure to do this,will result in severe consequences. She worked too hard for anyone to not give her credit. And why wouldn't you be as proud of her accomplishments as we are ? Thank you Jane © Sketch by Jane Cannon -Isn't she Amazing?~! © Other art by our showcase artist Liam 60 © 2003Awards of No portion of this site may be used without express written permission. All artists deserve credit and it is also our goal to comply with the terms set forth by any artist of any genre. "COPYRIGHT IS RIGHT"

  Awards of Elegance Founders Choice Accolade Award

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Sun Li Education Award

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#1738. Awards of Elegance Sun Li Education Award - June 3, 2003 -

Sun Li's Award for Education covers all countries and is awarded to those in the eductional categories,as well as all MSN sites. It is just as important now,or even more so,due to the many changes taking place around the globe. Sun Li came to the United States to get her final degree.She is not through college yet,but has already been paying off her debt of gratitude to the US. She has worked to keep up her expenses and teaches an after school illteracy program,which she is not compensated for monetarily,but says it is well worth the effort. Sun Li is an accomplished young lady and it is wonderful having her here with us. She will be presenting the Sun Li Educational Award to groups ,sites or individuals,who have made an effort to share with others and have enriched our lives as well. Sun Li's Educational Award will be presented on the 1st and 15th of every month. Submissions are welcome.Please state that you are applying for this award and the URL of your site.If you wish to nomiate an educator as an individual,please say who,as well as why they enrich lives through education. You may submit HERE Thank You~! © 2003 Awards of Elegance All Rights Reserved and all terms of use followed

  Sun Li Education Award

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Congratulations from Luin
300x200 congrats.jpg LUINHRIVEIEL
Congratulations from Luin
Gramma Lindy
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Gramma Lindy
This is a well deserved award~
Congratulations~!!!! Your site deserves this!!!star
I heart love this site so much-Do check them out~! Lady Constance

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