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Spirit Songs Accomplished Gold Award Spirit Songs Caring Spirit Award Spirit Songs Golden Web Award

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    #1779. #1780. #1781. Spirit Songs Accomplished Gold, Caring Spirit, Golden Web Awards - December 15, 2003

Hi John,
Thanks for applying for three of the Spirit Songs Awards. After visiting your Texas Precancel Club website, Spirit Songs is pleased to award your webite with the Spirit Songs Accomplished Gold, Caring Spirit, and Golden Web Awards! Two of the Awards are different from the ones you applied for but they seemed to be a better match to the Spirit Songs team, based on the overall content, design, and caring intent of your website and internet presence.

Accomplished Gold Award
Given to those homepages or websites that were truely a "Labour of Love" created with forethought and the intention of imparting worthwhile thoughts and/or of sharing meaningful life experiences with others. The website crafters merit recognition for their caring consideration and earnest efforts to communicate, to connect, and to inter-relate.

Caring Spirit Award
Given to both homepages and websites whose primary focus and reason for being reflects a strong desire to assist others in some way whether it be to educate, to inform, to connect, to protect, to restore, or to support people, animals, or the environment. Their caring intent truely blesses us all since all streams flow from the same source.

Golden Web Award
Given to those homepages or websites that deserve "Highest Honors" because their presentation and content reflects some notable foundational elements such as accomplished webmastery, creative artistry, earnest helpfulness, informational content, loving care, shared knowledge, superb construction, and/or uplifting messages.

Wishing you and yours the Happiest of Holiday Seasons,

Maureen Grace,
Spriti Songs

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    #1782. 2003 Award of Excellence and animated gift - December 18, 2003 and February 29, 2004.

Dear friend John, Your site is very nice, have a good content and deserves my award Congratulations! Big hug, Lupércio Mundim gift

320x400 mundimg.gif

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#1784. CyberfunZone Great Site Gold Award - December 30, 2003

We are pleased to announce that you are the Recipient of the CyberfunZone Web Excellence GOLD Award .There are only a few rules that follow. The Award must be linked back directly to us, so that others may apply. Link back to: NO ADULT images or graphics as well as links to or threw your Site linking to any such Graphics or content. No altering of the Award in any manner which you have already agreed to when applying for the CyberfunZone Award. So with these few rules in place Congratulations On your Site being Very Well laid out, and designed. lf you have any special banners or Images you would like us to add to the Winner's Award page to be linked back to you feel free to Send them and we will gladly do so. If you have a logo button for us to use in our awards section please send it to and be sure to make the button 88 x 30 so we may display it at the following link. Award winners circle Located here: Again Congratulations on a Job well done, as a special note be sure to join our community for current updates and newsletters of upcoming events and prizes. Site Administrator & Domain Registrar

    CyberfunZone Great Site Gold Award

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United States Web Awards Good 2004

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    #1786. - United States Web Awards Rated Good 2004 - January 13, 2004

Our professional panel agrees that your site is everything you believe it is! We are pleased to present you with a 2004 United States Web Award for providing a US FRIENDLY, informative web site. Based on our review of your site we are presenting you with a GOOD rating!


The UNITED STATES WEB AWARDS were founded by a group of professionals who own a progressive and expanding company They perceived a need to recognize Canadian entrepreneurs for excellence and achievement in the ever expanding Internet marketplace. BELOW IS THE CODE FOR YOUR USWA DESIGNATION We add new award winners to our website every Wednesday

Note: You need permission to alter this code. If you do not accept the attached code as shown below, please return this email to us and we will remove your designation from our database and web site. Please Copy and Paste the following code into your web page(s) to display your Canadian Web Awards designation [The graphic is coded on the Canadian server, doesn't have height and width attributes and does not contain this citation, which had stylesheet code that Netscape 4 doesn't know what to do with. Font overrides were retained.]

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#1788. Spinny's Creations Award of Excellence - January 17, 2004

Hello John, At the time of you trying to sign my guestbook I couldn't access it either. It was the guestbook people who were down. It seems to be okay now. I've visited your site and have learned all about precancel stamps. My father collected stamps all his life so your hobby made a lot of sense to me. I'd love to give you my Award Of Excellence. I'll attach it to this e-mail so let me know if you receive it okay. Jnaine

    Spinny's Award of Excellence

199x185 spinnyex.jpg

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