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#615. December 1, 2000 - Touch Of Love Excellence in Design Award - AWARD LETTER Thank you for applying for the TOL (Touch Of Love) Awards. As you know there are many awards available on the internet and so many sites apply for each and every award they see. The TOL Awards are not given to just any site that ask for it. Each award must be earned! For the Safe Site Rating, each page and link is checked for content and safety. Links that are 100 % family safe, a site that provides a safe place to visit, learn and/or have fun. (Any site that cannot meet the 100% rating I require they will not receive this award.) I am pleased to inform you that your site has been approved for the following award: Excelence [Excellence] Score between 99 and 95. Awards Available and Score Required: Perfect Balance: Score of 100 required, Excelence [Excellence]: Score between 99 and 95, Achievement: Score between 94 and 85, Nobility: Score between 84 and 75, Family Safe Rating: Must be 100% Family Safe (No Exceptions) I hope you will display it with honor. Should at anytime as part of the condition of having these awards, should your site become unsafe for any reason you will be asked to remove it immediately. From what I have seen from your site I don't think that will ever happen. (smiles) Once you have your award in place please notify me, you will then be linked back from TOL. Again Congratulations! Dee TOL Excellence in Design Award 186x186

186x186 tolexcel.jpg
#557. Weird Site Award - November 11, 2000 "Hello again John! No, I have NO IDEA what precancels are. I am not a stamp collector. It all just looked pretty legitimate to me. Now that you mention it... I guess it IS Weird. Your site will be listed in Drawer 051. It should be published by Sunday afternoon. I link to yours, you link to mine... simple 'eh! Well, thanks for the WWWeirdness. It will be a great addition to my site." Randy, The WeirdMeister, Web WWWeirdness WWW Very weird Award 2000 Web Weirdness 120x120

120x120 veryweir.gif

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Deb's Glowing Site Award

280x199 debglow.jpg
#560. Deb's Glowing Site Award - November 13, 2000 Your site is excellent. I found it to be very intersting [interesting], and to plan to revisit it. Attached you will find the Glowing site award. Keek [Keep] up the great work. Deb (Deb's Hideaway) dead link
Links For You No Better Deals Topsite Award
DEAD LINK 209x346 deals3.jpg
#1066. Links For You No Better Deal Topsite Award - July 27, 2001 Congratulations, I just viewed your site and it definately [definitely] qualifies for the Links for you Topsite Award. You have a very resourceful site. I will visit again and check out more of your awards. Keep up the great work and thanks for helping to make the internet a better place. I have attached the award to this e-mail save it to your own hard drive and upload to your server. If you like you may link it. This is not a requirement, but would make it possible for others to apply from your site. The choice is entirely up to you. Gloria Sheff

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#562. Award Acknowledged by European Distant Suns - November 13, 2000 - Dear Award apply'er! We at The European Distant Suns (EDS) has received your request for our award. Because of the many inquiries, it took quite some time to get to YOUR web site. Although we reviewed your site around the time of your submission, we couldn't find the time to write you until now. We are sorry for that!! ***** CONGRATULATIONS ***** YOu are now the owner of an EDS Award. We would like you to read the following, since it will bring you to understand why you are among those who has received it and also something about our policy. Thank you. ***** The 'EDS Award' is a very popular award and difficult to achieve. Too many awards are givin' without any review what so ever from the author of the prize. We feel this is wrong, since you could have a web site filled to the edge with awards, collected on the Internet but with no value at all! By this award you can be sure we thought you did a tremendous job! The award represents web sites, which brings out useful informations of any kind to the masses. It represents sites which uses technologies such as VRML, Direct3D Javascripts, java applets and of course also future inventions. Web sites which brings you cool and useful links, elegant graphics (self made in particular) and relevant news is also among thise sites who could be taken into consideration regarding the EDS award. Sites dedicated to specific things, like actors/actresses, movies, sport, astronomy, art, well you name it, is highly regarded, but if a site is called for example, 'official' and we find out that it's not, the request will be rejected. Finally, we look on the overall layout. You the pictures are placed, if the color of the text is easy to read, links not working, things like that. Frames is a welcome feature in our opinion, so is music but there should be a possibility to stop it, since we do not all have the same music taste. You have a very nice and functional web site. Clean smooth layout and some fine pictures. We hope, that you have been encouraged to continue the work with your homepage. So, good luck with your web site in the future. Again good luck and keep on pushing. Best Regards, Michael H Jensen, President & Authorized Agent, Distant Suns Support - Europe Award Acknowledged by European Distant Suns 118x58

118x58 eds.jpg
#639. Shell's Beautiful Site Award - November 11, 2000 - Hi there, thank you for applying for my award. I have checked out your website, and i think its [it's] great! i enjoyed my visit, keep up the good work! My award is attatched [attached], please link it back to my main page. thanks, Shell [Australia] Shell's Beautiful Site Award 238x350

award #639. saward1.jpg

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Kristian's Y2K Award 225x200

225x200 krisy2ka.gif
#566. Kristian's Y2K Award Your Page Quacks Me Up - November 14, 2000 "Hi Everyone, Sorry to take a long time to send your awards to you. But I have had a lot of homework and a report to do for school and my mom won't let me play on the computer unless I get everything done. But I want to say thank you for letting me visit your pages. I am seinding you the award you wanted. You can link it back to me here" Have a fun day, Kristian dead link
Sexy n Silky's Helpful Web Friend Award 275x175
DEAD LINK 275x175 sexsilkh.gif
#567. Sexy n Silky's Helpful Web Friend Award - November 14, 2000 "very nice site you have i enjoyed looking around! it was kinda neat seeing all the different things you have in there! thank you for veiwing [viewing] my site please transfer this award to your own server and provide a link back to my site!" Have a super day, Jessy

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#568. Knights Award for Excellence - November 14, 2000 "Hi! Thanks for applying for my 5 star knights award, its [it's] really for mystical and fantasy sites, but I would be happy to award you with my knights award which in my opinion is better than the 5 star award, you have a very interesting site, Hope you find it ok," Take care, knight Roy. November 16, 2000 "Hi John, OK you win! lol here is my other award too :-) [originally received for someone else] Hope I got your name right? lol, Take care, Knight Roy. dead link
Knight's Award for Excellence 2000-2001 266x392
DEAD LINK 266x392 knights2.jpg
#571. Knights Five Star Golden Crown Award For Excellence 2000-2001 - November 15, 2000 "Hi there! I sent you the wrong award :o) sorry about that, well seeing that I messed you about, you can have my 5 star award instead :o)" Take care, Knight Roy. dead link
Knight's Five Star Golden Crown Award For Excellence 2000-2001 320x240
DEAD LINK 320x240 knightgc.jpg

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