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#600. Blue Ribbon Website Award - November 23, 2000 Congratulations! Your Blue Ribbon Website Award membership has been granted and a special message is waiting for you: Enjoy your award. {Burton Neal Levy} Blue Ribbon Website Award

220x97 brwa-m1.gif
#596. Planetpals Kid Safe Planet Award - November 22, 2000 Congratulations! Your site has been awarded the Planetpals 'Safe Planet Award'. The Planetpals 'Safe Planet Award' is given to specially selected high quality websites that make the planet a safe place for children, promote harmony, understanding, and above all are creative, educational, clean and fun. If this is a duplicate, or delayed response, please note that I have experienced a computer crash and it was a mess once I retrieved files! Continued success with your website! We appreciate that you link back to us! Judith Planetpals Kid Safe Planet Award

107x161 ppkidsaw.gif

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Magic Garden's Beauty & Magic Award

(2 awards) #601. Magic Garden's Beauty & Magic Award, #602. Magic Garden's Enlightenment Award - November 24, 2000 Merry Meet John, Your site is truly magical and enlightening...I never realized that stamp collecting could be so involved and obviously rewarding...your site is a bevy of information and resources...I am awarding you my Award of Beauty & Magic as well as my Award of Enlightenment, you have certainly earned both...If you choose to accept thse awards, please download the attached personalized graphics and link them to the following addresses. Afterwards please send me an acceptance email at which time I will add your name to the list of winners...again Congratulations on a truly beautiful site and keep up the great work Brightest Blessings, PurpleRose Magic Garden's Enlightenment Award

244x353 bmbenligh.jpg

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#1050. Evermind Award for Creativity - July 7, 2001 - Hi, Been through a move & a computer crash! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I'm sending you the award you requested. You have a really cool site! *HUGS* Evermind {Char Hancz} Evermind Award for Creativity

230x201 evermind.jpg
#1051. Starsaber's Award of Excellence - July 9, 2001 - CONGRATULATIONS! JOHN FOSTER Your website has won the Starsaber's Award of Excellence. I found your reader-friendly site well designed, easy to navigate, and has great content. It is not necessary for you to link your Award back to the Starsaber Site; however, if you wish to so so, please use the URL listed. While at Starsaber, select the Gallery link and view some of the exceptional sites that share this special award with you. My compliments on a job well done! George Rowe, Starsaber's Award Editor dead link
Starsaber's Award of Excellence
DEAD LINK 120x155 starsabr.gif

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dead link
Derek's Award Site of Excellence In Content and Design
DEAD LINK 206x249 daoe.jpg
(2 awards) #610. Derek's Award Site of Excellence In Content and Design, #611. Derek's Gold Award For Excellence In Content and Design 2000 Millennium Award - November 29, 2000 Good after noon from England, First things first, I think you are a bit like me a spade is a spade. I am 68 years of age and my first time on a computer was 18 months ago. So you will see I am really a dummy with computers. I have spent hours down loading applet tutorials and working out how to get them to work. I get sick and tired receiving emails from commercial websites requesting a link to there [their] website, know [no] way will I add a link, my website is for my pleasure, if others like to visit this is a bonus. I like you have applied for all the awards on my website. never would I make it a condition to sign my guestbook or add a like [link] back to my website to win an award. It is like saying to me, I can have B.I.S. with one of my Bidgerigars if I give the judge a bird. This morning I have sent about 10 emails to my Budgerigar friends all over the world, seven have replied so far, the seven that have replied say there isn't a problem with my apply for awards page. Can I say in the nicest possible way, if you don't like it, don't view it. Thank you for applying for my awards. I try to appreciate other peoples hobbies and pass times when I view a website, in my opinion your website is excellent in content, it gives me great pleasure to give you my awards. You have won the awards,they are yours to do as you please, you don't have to add a link back but it would be appreciated. Good luck in the future. Derek T Dobson [England] dead link
Derek's Gold Award for Excellence
DEAD LINK 206x249 mba.jpg

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#619. Fort Knox Bronze Award - December 1, 2000 "Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Du hast den Fort-Knox Award in Bronze gewonnon! Hier die Bewertung: Design: 5 von 10, Aufbau: 6 von 10, Inhalt:6 von 10, Gesamteindruch: schöne Seite, weiter so! Wichtig: Bitten den Award einbinden!" So long, Chrossy [Germany] Fort Knox Bronze Award 200x300

200x300 ftknoxb.jpg
#620. Page of Peace Award - December 2, 2000 "Hi, Thanks for applying for my award. I have enclosed it." Thanks, Peace, Page of Peace Award 267x175 DOWN
267x175 peace.gif

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