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January 3, 2001 - Temple of Ares Award of Excellence - I would like to award you the Temple of Ares Excellence Award as your site is truly worthy. Thank you for visiting the Temple of Ares. Rashka Goldeneyes {Ruth Murphy} Temple of Ares Award of Excellence 225x181

award #683. templeaw.jpg
#1198. Altscape Top 10 Internet Award - Congratulations, Your site was submitted to for consideration of the ' Top10 Internet Award'. After conducting an extensive review of a great many web sites (yours included), I'm happy to announce your site has been chosen as one of only ten Award Winning Entries. I therefore have great pleasure in bestowing upon your well designed web site the ' Top 10 Internet Award'. The purpose of the Altscape Top 10 Award Program is to recognize web sites of exceptional design and quality and to encourage webmasters to make the web a more surfer friendly place. It is intended to reward those individuals who either made the effort to present the contents of their site in an eye pleasing and original manner or had content on offer that was hard to overlook. Your site is listed in our winners' section. Congratulations again on a increduble web site, well done! Best Regards, Andrew Margetts, Director, Altscape Top 10 Internet Award

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Dieter & Dora Dino Gold Award 202x142

award #685. dinogold.jpg
January 5, 2001 - Dieter und Dora Dino Gold Award - Hallo Texas ! Nach dem ich mir Deine Seiten angeschaut habe, möchte ich Dir zum Gewinn des Dino Gold Award gratulieren. Ich kann über Deine Seiten sagen, daß sie eine hervorragende Navigation hat. Die Ladezeiten sind auch in Ordnung und überhaupt optisch hat sie mir sehr gut fefallen. Weiterhin wünsche ich Dir noch viel Freude an Deiner Page und natürlich viele, viele Besucher. Bitte sende mir Dein Banner mit URL Angabe, wenn Du den Dino Gold Award verlinkt hast. Für die Gewinnerlieste. Ich wünsche Dir an dieser Stelle noch alles Gute für das neue Jahr ! Dieter Schneider / u. Dora Switzerland Fishing in Wisconsin Commercial Award of Excellence 150x108

award #756. caoe2.gif
January 30, 2001 - (Fishing in Wisconsin) Commercial Award of Excellence - I feel your site contains too much commercial content to be considered a personal web site. Because you offer stamps for sale and charge dues for the club makes it commercial. I am presenting your site with the Commercial Award of Excellence. Keep up the good work. Joanne {Doxtater}

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January 5, 2001 - (Buzzalong Japanese Chins) Buzzalong Excellent Site Award - no message {Shane Buzza} Buzzalong Excellent Site Award 220x220

award #687. buzzalon.gif
January 5, 2001 - IME Website Design Excellence Bronze Award - ...we are proud to announce that you have won our BRONZE award in website design excellence. You can rest safe in the knowledge that we have no distinct criteria for each of our awards but we know what we like and we liked what your site had to offer. Please find attached your award for you to do with as you please. As oune of our winners, you have been added to our most recent award winners list. Good luck in all that you do and again, CONGRATULATIONS for all of your hard work. Regards, Graham House, IME Design IME Website Design Excellence Bronze Award 125x175

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Greif-Net Gold Award 200x200

award #689. greifg.jpg
January 5, 2001 - Greif-Net Gold Award - Hallo Jon, Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Greif-Net Award in Gold. Sehr umfangreich und übersichtlich gestaltet. Gekonnter Verzicht auf unnötigen Zubehör. Klar strukturiert, informativ für Briefmarkensammler. MfG, René Piel [Germany] dead link
Rooster's Golden Egg Award
DEAD LINK 330x230 rooster.jpg
#690. Rooster's Golden Egg Award - January 6, 2001 - Please bear with me as I am getting used to a new system and am not at full capacity yet. Your site has been evaluated and I would very much like to send you my award. You may size it however you see fit and you can download the image to your own server if you'd like. Thanks for applying and you have a wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Rooster, visit ROOSTERSNEST

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#691. DEAD LINK Trek Ladies Gold Award - January 7, 2001 - 1. Congratulations! Your outstanding site definitely qualifies for our GOLD Trek Ladies Award. It is a well designed site with informative, entertaining, and easy to access content. Its attractive presentation is enhanced by clever original graphics and great photos. Thanks for this wonderful contribution to our internet community which helps make the web more informative as well as more fun. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :) 2. The award logo is attached to this note. 3. Cheers....zeeman Trek Ladies Gold Award 200x122
DEAD LINK 200x122 tlgawd.jpg
January 7, 2001 - Night Eyes Creative Award - Dear Night Eyes Award Winner: We want to apologize for the delay in giving you this award. Unfortunately there were some difficulties in our lives, but we are back. We hope that you will still accept our 'Night Eyes Award'. We will be revamping our web site with a whole new look. Please link our award back. Thank you so much for your patience!! We will be awarding the over all 'Excellent Site 2000' on January 31, 2001..Good Luck! Nightmare & Sasha Night Eyes Creative Award 171x287

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