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ANIMATED August 19, 2000 - "hi, congratulations, you've won my award! Please link it back to my site." Thankyou. Regards, Caz Blackburn Caz Blackburn's World Class Site Award 160x120
#607. BPInc Rulz Classy site award - November 27, 2000 - Hello :-) Congratulations!!! Beautiful People, Inc. would like to resent your site with the BPInc Rulz 'Classy' Site Award :-) Please C & P or type the code/urls below and place where ever you would like viewing your award :-) Your site will also be announced as a winner of the Classy site award at the BPInc site here on or near Dec. 6th :-) and linked on the BPInc winning 'links' page where I will use your banner for the linking if you would like to send a small banner to me?? If not, or if you dont have a banner I will simple type in your site name... You will also be placed in the BPInc Archive permanently :-) Thank you for applying for one of the BPInc awards... I hope you enjoyed your visit... Thank you :-) I intend on having the BPInc site more computer friendly in the weeks to come... Your efforts are truely appreciated as shown here by the presentation of this award... BPInc is prpdominently [predominately] a webtv award site with the only criteria levels as shown and briefly discussed. You have built a wonderful site!!! You are doing a great job, your lay-out is full of facts for those who look for such info... Alot of work shows... Any questions.. feel free to ask :-) Stay in touch?? May you be of kind spirit always, take care and Congratulations again!!! BPInc aka PrettyTT BPInc Rulz Classy site award 273x282


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Faery Hill I Believe Award 200x200 DOWN
award #360. faeryhil.gif
September 12, 2000 - The Faery Hill I Believe Award - Hi John, The faeries at The Faery Hill have visited your site and have found it to their liking. Thus they have asked me to give you their award. We are so glad you enjoyed your visit and hopy you also enjoy your award. Thanks for visiting and we hope you return again and again. Hugs, Maeve Ramona's POW/MIA Award for Excellence 274x316

award #747. u21aex.jpg
January 22, 2000 - Ramona's POW/MIA Award for Excellence - Hi, Many thanks for applying and for allowing me to access and review your site.. It's always very difficult to create a great homepage that others will find interesting and enjoyable to visit - but you have done a wonderful job and it's my pleasure to present to you my Award for Website Excellency. Best wishes, Ramona

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#411. Marie's Golden Carousel Award - September 23, 2000 - Hi John, After careful review of your site, I have come to the conclusion that the Texas Precancel Club should be granted 'Marie's Golden Carousel Award'! This award is not shown on our list of awards. It is only given to a select few sites that I feel have achieved over and above any of our other awards that we offer. Show it with pride. We have received 2 awards so far. I, like yourself, earn my awards. I just started applying not too long ago. In time (which I have very little of now a days), I hope to achieve more. Thanks and Congrats on your win!! Marie Keaveney, Carasel Web Services, Carasel Web Services, Administrator/Owner DEAD LINK
Marie's Golden Carousel Award
DEAD LINK 136x138 marigold.jpg
#424. Meggie's Awesome Award - September 30, 2000 - "Congratulations! You are a winner of Meggie's Awesome Award!" Meggie Smithson {Meghan Gilroy} QUEEN OF CELEBS, SHE WILL BE ONE SOMEDAY Meggie's Awesome Award 141x105

141x105 meggieaw.gif

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Indy's Award in Silber 120x233

120x233 indys.jpg
#957. (Indy's Portal of Hell) Indy's Award in Silber 120x233 indys.jpg - May 10, 2001 - "Hallo John Foster, Herzlichen Glückwunsch für 'Indy's Award' in Silber!

Ladezeiten: 1/3
Linkfunktionalität: 3/3
Menüfuhrung: 3/3
Design: 1/3
Inhalt: 3/3

Aha & Wow-effekt: 0/3
Gesamt: 11/18
18-16 = Gold geändert von 15 auf 16 seit 18.04.2001
15-11 = Silber
10-5 = Bronze
grate greetings
Sage Fun Award 170x170

#453. Sage Fun Award sageawar.gif
October 10, 2000 - Sage Fun Award - "Hey John, You deserve my award for a couple reasons. 1. You're a wise ass, I like that in a person. 2. I'm a disgruntled postal worker...keep buyin' stamps, it goes towards my retirement. So....You know the drill, copy the image to your harddrive and download to your directory. Place it in a Most Worthy Spot on hour homepage. Here is this much sought after Award. If you want to link to the Sage my guest...but its not necessary :)" Best Regards, Susan Sage

bar thin wide 750x10 originally, squashed and stretched by john foster

#468. Teddy Bair Site Award - October 15, 2000 Congratulations! You have been awarded the Teddy Bair award. Again, CONGRATULATIONS! Webmaster Teddy Bair Site Award 148x158
October 18, 2000 - Family First Featured Site Award - Congratulations! Your web site appears as a feature in this week's Friday Family First newsletter, a weekly edition published by WorldVillage, the web's popular site for family fun! Family First seeks to provide our over 200,000 readers with the best the Internet has to offer, and we believe your site to be worthy of visiting and bookmarking. We welcome you to proudly display the Family First award on your site as a symbol of distinction and quality. Thank you for producing quality content that is family-friendly. If you have any questions, you may contact us at . {Ron Enderland} Family First Featured Site Award 120x90
award #486. ffaward.gif

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