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Site#0001 Award#001 09/14/2000 George P. Crofton, MSgt. USAF Retired, designed this award at the same time he came up with some logo enhancements to our home page. Later, he reworked it to fit into the maximum 200x200 requirements for some awards worksheets and added space for personalization. He runs several small websites of which this is the primary one. He is available for logo or award design on request.
www.goldenwebpage.com Golden Web Page

Site#0002 Award#002 09/23/2000 John C. Foster, Texas Precancel Club. I wanted to make sure that this website qualifies for its own award. Many don't. I'm awarding general excellence consisting of design (30%), navigation (30%) and content (40%) at the 70th percentile. I rated content a bit higher because the whole point of a website is to convey something to an audience. The other two items are important, because (1) you have to find it and (2) you have to get there.
retsof.home.texas.net/txpcclub.htm Texas Precancel Club

Site#0003 Award#003 10/23/2000 I first encountered Tritia Brown when applying for her award, which was unrated at the time. I found a couple of strange typos in her site and in a few message exchanges helped her remove a couple of rough edges before she applied for an AWARD SITES rating. She received a 3.5 rating on her first attempt, which is a "select class" award, in the highest 20% of the rated awards. Her site is very clear to use, easy to get around in, with high contrast fonts and backgrounds. You might even like seeing pictures of her "kitties", purebred Persians for sale.
DEAD LINK tritia.bizland.com/index09.html Tritia's Silver and Golden Persians

Site#0004 Award#004 10/25/2000 stored in IAS gallery 161 as award #2254 Hans Taeger & Thomas Siegfried - Yours is the site we all aspire to. Actually, it DID load and run on this 486, so I want to thank you for keeping the pages small enough for your disciples and minimizing the Flash, Java and animation. I have previously visited many times on faster machines. Errors are practically nonexistent. Like a fine Persian rug with an intentional defect, perhaps the word "feeback" for "feedback" on one page was one of these. Even that was extremely tough to find in this 450 Mb site. The site is flawless and deserves every one of those 2200+ awards. This 15th in the World Awarded Site (TPC) has learned many web improvement things from seeking awards in 6 months, and much so from many of the unrated ones. Your HTML is neatly executed and the site has a "finished" look about it, even though it is continually evolving. The technique of pasting plain pastel tables on dazzling background mini-borders doesn't hurt a bit. The fonts are high contrast and easy to read on their plain backgrounds. I also noticed the little touches of "illuminated" manuscript practice of highlighting the first letters of many paragraphs. I can do nothing but call it 100%.
I made a small attempt to mimic these Tibetan colors im my award personalizing. I hope that #004 Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence displays well and it is 200x200. You will be placed into my winners' page. I'll get in line, in case some kindness artifact appears for 2001. Your 2000 Kindness Award is already in place. What in the same set is there for "fire-pigs" that I could use in my personality section? I found the site that is making artistic variations on "Discovering the Heavens". They gave me authorization to use that picture myself with a link credit. You used the watercolor of the original version for one of your gifts. I have your current year "iron-dragon" which will look very nice in my free award section someday. Maybe you'll continue with the 60 year downloadable cycle (for peoples' birth years) as you have time."
www.iol.ie/~taeger Institute for Astroenergetic Studies (IAS) & Manjushri Mandala [Ireland]

TPC Excellence Award Serial 005 TPC Excellence Award Serial 006 TPC Excellence Award Serial 007 TPC Excellence Award Serial 008

Site#0006 Award#005 10/29/2000-11/2/2000 Timmi - Unless you're a "double bagger" (you wear one in case Anonymomma's falls off) you'll want to look around in this huge art and humor site. She could teach y'all a thing or two about graphic design and does manage to rip that bag off now and then. Most navigation is done from the main index, so you have to go back there to get around. Design:25/30, Navigation:20/30, Content:35/40 = 80%
anonymomma.com Anonymomma's World

Site#0007 Award#006 10/30/2000-11/2/2000 Pat McCarthy - This highly awarded site will run in 640x480 resolution and deals with activities and attractions in East Baton Rouge Parish, LA. Most of the pages are small and require minimal scrolling. Thumbnails are used to get to attractions in each activity section. For the future, they might want to work on colorful maps of each area. 182 points on the main map gets a little "busy", but does show how much there is to do and see there. A selection window on the home page serves as a site map. Score: Design:24/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:35/40 = 82%
www.brec.org Welcome to BREC!

Site#0008 Award#007 10/31/2000-11/2/2000 Rosie Hardman & Rob Ixer - This fast loading framed site makes wonderful use of white space in its design of music and safari major sections. I can see the heart put into the site, and can only imagine that she does the same with her music. Not all pages had "top" and "home" links, but this didn't hurt much because the frame navigation was always present. Design:25/30, Navigation:20/30, Content:35/40 = 80%
www.rosiehardman.com Rosie Hardman's Homepage

Site#0009 Award#008 11/04/2000-11/6/2000 Don Fowler - What kind of site is this? What is the "navigation bar" and why does it work so well? How did he manage to scatter awards throughout the site, but why are they so small? Why is all of the content on the site in the form of a question? Who wants to look at one of the largest collections of bumper stickers and taglines? Why does the webmaster post your contributions? Why does the site have so many awards? Why don't I score it as Design:28/30, Navigation:26/30, Content:32/40 = 86%?
www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/2843 A Gadzillion Things to Think About [Canada]

TPC Excellence Award Serial 009 TPC Excellence Award Serial 010 TPC Excellence Award Serial 011 TPC Excellence Award Serial 012

Site#0012 Award#009 11/21/2000-11/27/2000 Dana Holland - I will be pleased to present you with an award. This is an extremely fast loading site on this 486, and I didn't even have to move to a bigger machine to review it. Frame/NoFrame 800x600 640x480 options are presented. This John W. Young Astronaut Fan Site has been up almost 4 years, and is written in newsletter style with accented "pull quotes". Dana Holland, coming from a college background, is nicely rounding out the site with bibliographic and source information also. Hmmm. I wonder whether there's a Story Musgrave Site? NOTE: The -2 font size navigation row is tiny. Would you consider matching it with the -1 font size navigation row above so we old timers can mouse around with our space gloves on? Design: 25/30, Navigation: 23/30, Content: 37/40 = 85%
DEAD LINK www.nav.cc.tx.us/staff_pages/dana/jwy/jyl.html John W. Young - American & International Hero

Site#0013 Award#010 11/22/2000-11/27/2000 Jeanie Marshall - This isn't a "cutesy" site. Empowerment consulting and energetics to individuals and business fulfills the Learning Fountain ideal of dissemination of content in a manner compatible with most browsers. The site runs fine on this 486. The many services and choices present a well rounded package of their mission. One picture IS worth a thousand words, though. I didn't even see a successful tree hugging project. Design: 22/30, Navigation: 25/30, Content: 30/40 = 77%
www.mhmail.com Marshall House

Site#0014 Award#011 11/24/2000-11/27/2000 Mic Miller - The Beeline is a resource and bees-ness site for Bee-ginners and old Bee-zers. I saw an un-bee-lievable 6 navigational choices for feel of the site. The bottom navigational icons look tiny, but they are more usable than they appear. Graphics icons are small to ensure fast loading. One page on their site says, "Government: U.S.A., None at this time". I agree. I tried 20 hits on the member page but didn't find any. How about a range of letters for successful sites as Awards Sites does for their award sites? I have attached a personalized award. Hmmm. It's in a honeycomb. I wonder how that could have happened. Design: 28/30, Navigation: 28/30, Content 35/40 = 91%
www.bton.com The Beeline

Site#0017 Award#012 11/29/2000-12/01/2000 Manfred Rosenbaum - This highly detailed site is an encyclopedia of Terrier breeding, showing, exhibitions, news and reports, presented with typical Teutonic care and detail. A few site pages need a bit of scrolling to get back to the navigation, but the topics dictated that they all be kept together. I have the same problem on a few of my own pages. The pages are crammed with an immense amount of rather small detailed text, but judicious use of white space, design and custom graphics makes the site a pleasure to load and view, even on a small 486 computer. That's what it's all about folks -- getting content out there to the largest number of viewers possible. Well done, and an award is attached. The TPC Award of Excellence has been rated 2.5 (I hope to expand the purpose and criteria.) by Focus Award Sites since November 29, 2000 and this is the first example, expressed in the rating and serial number personalization. The presentations and layout of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier award section and citations (laudatio) is also not to be missed even if you don't care about the main topic. This is an extreme example of what you could do yourselves, even though it shouldn't affect site judging. I checked it some weeks earlier when I was comparing award presentation in several highly awarded sites. Just plopping unassociated award images on a page does a disservice to the awarding site and you won't see that here. Design: 26/30, Navigation: 25/30, Content: 40/40 = 91%
www.dandie-dinmont.de Dandie Dinmont Terriers [Germany]

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