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TPC Excellence Award Serial 013 TPC Excellence Award Serial 014 TPC Excellence 2.5 Award Serial 015 TPC Excellence 3.0 Award Serial 015 TPC Excellence Award Serial 016

Site#0020 Award#013 12/2/2000-12/10/2000 Jack Schumann, Tucson, AZ - This business-to-business site offers mergers and acquisition information for buyers and sellers in the Southwestern United States. Each page has a natural picture included from their Arizona landscape, and their other division also sneaked in a picture of the Austin TX skyline (in a duststorm?) so I just had to notice. The pages are small and load quickly on this small machine. Score: Navigation: 25/30, Design: 25/30, Content: 35/40 = 80%.
www.businesscentre.net Business Centre

Site#0021 Award#014 12/2/2000-12/10/2000 Adrian & Erica Jackson - This is a new site, but I can tell that it has been done with heart. In addition to family pages, it also has some Navy wife webrings. If the personalization is dark, blame the Navy blue, not me. Scoring: Navigation: 30/30, Design: 15/30, Content: 30/40 = 75%
www.ericaspages.com Jackson Family Page

Site#0022 Award#015 12/3/2000-12/10/2000 Iza - This site is a repository of free programs - games, awards, banners, money programs, promotions, Ecards, etc. etc. (I knew this stuff had to come from somewhere, mostly links) The site runs with no problems on this 486. Scoring: Navigation: 26/30, Design: 25/30, Content: 20/40 = 71%
wwsw.geocities.com/atnur 1 Simple Guide or Suhaira Hilmi [Malaysia]

Site#0023 Award#016 12/12/2000-12/17/2000 Thomas Kilsberger - The owner of this site does web designs and runs the TKDesign Award Program. I was rejected once for this award because "I didn't have enough technology." Your site is being awarded because the technology does not yet interfere with the content and objective of the site. The fonts and custom graphics were very readable on the plain gray background. 4 animated ovals were visible in Internet Explorer but were rendered as a white box in Netscape. They didn't add anything to the site, but didn't hurt, either. The slide-in menu performed as designed in Internet Explorer. Each page in Netscape slid in as a plain black box. One has to roll over the box each time on each page to read the yellow topic navigation boxes. Scoring: Design: 25/30, Navigation: 22/30, Content: 32/40 = 79%
DEAD LINK www.tkdesign.nu TKDesign or

TPC Excellence Award Serial 017 TPC Excellence Award Serial 018 TPC Excellence Award Serial 019 TPC Excellence Award Serial 020

Site#0024 Award#017 12/14/2000-12/17/2000 Ray Thigpen - This support site for bowlers in Greenville, North Carolina, is a source for sanctioned bowling awards, tournament results, board members, annual averages, yearbooks and more. This is a small site, but cleanly designed with high contrast navigation and fonts. It accomplishes its objectives cleanly with no wasted "fluff". I'll give it some strikes to help them get started. Scoring: Design: 24/30, Navigation: 25/30, Content: 33/40 = 82%
www.greenvillebowling.com Greenville Bowling

Site#0025 Award#018 12/18/2000-12/29/2000 Rod 758 - This graphics, Midi songs/lyrics and Tuscan travel site is worthy of some attention. There is more than I could see in a couple of short visits. One gripe is that cookies from Eurobid will persist until 2037 (when I will be 90 years old). Navigation is clean, but I had to move the left frame over a bit to see al of the links. Score: Navigation: 22/30, Design 20/30, Content 35/40 = 77%
digilander.iol.it/rod758 Rod 758 [Italy]

Site#0026 Award#019 12/21/2000-12/29/2000 Keith Larson - This huge site categorized about every way one could think of about scouts on stamps. The webmaster even pointed out a page of favor precancels on scout commemoratives that might be worth a link, since I am precancel related. (Sure....why not?) Frame navigation is a bit Java heavy, but expands each section into more detail. Score: Navigation: 27/30, Design: 28/30, Content: 40/40 = 95%
www.sossi.org Scouts on Stamps Society International [El Paso, Texas]

Site#0027 Award#020 12/26/2000-12/29/2000 Setiyo Gunawan - Menaravisi is a very new small business strategy site mainly devoted to marketing. The pages seemed static enough, but the design is dynamic, using ASP pages. A lot of thought has been spent on the commercial graphics. They can pull information from a database for display on the pages, but it really does not need to be evident to the user of the site. In addition to the standard pages that pop up in a smaller window, you will see slow and fast scrolling of you move over the arrows. Languages are Indonesian, English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Scoring mainly reflects the small size of the site, but hope that they will add more as they expand. Navigation: 24/30, Design: 22/30, Content: 30/40 = 76%
dead link
www.menaravisi.com DEAD LINK Menaravisi [Indonesia]

TPC Excellence Award Serial 021 TPC Excellence Award Serial 022 TPC Excellence Award Serial 023 TPC Excellence Award Serial 024

Site#0028 Award#021 12/30/2000-1/6/2001 JoeBlstrn - This is primarily a portal site, but there are also some articles about basic ideas. Navigation is easy enough, but I want to see what happens if the site gets larger. Design reflects a marketing viewpoint, given the nature of most of the links. The email link needs a "mailto:" added or the will never hear from anyone - ever. Score: Navigation 25/30, Design 25.30, Content 20/40 = 70%
DOWN www.buildyourbiznow.com Build Your Biz Now, now is Magnetic Marketing

Site#0031 Award#022 1/2/2001-1/6/2001 Ken Tyrrell - This site describes just about everything needed to plan a hunting/fishing/lodging vacation in the Ruby River valley of Montana. I suspect that they also would like it if you stayed at their cabins. If so, their fee calculator and Calendar with open days is neat. Sep-Nov 2001 is starting to fill up. Ken's also got a lot of pictures so you can get a feel of the area. The animated snowflakes on the home page might slow down loading on small systems, and really aren't needed. We're not talking about Nunavut here. Since the number of pages is not larger than the buttons on the home page, I would recommend adding those buttons to ALL pages. One has to go (out in the snow) to the home page to go anywhere else. Scoring: Navigation 15/30, Design 28/30, Content 35.40 = 78%
www.therubyriver.com Ruby River Cabins

Site#0030 Award#023 1/1/2001-1/6/2001 Grace Cross - Grace has put up a site containing several items sharing knowledge in her life. I would probably recommend looking at her sitemap page first, which contains a paragraph about each piece: disorders, health, women, pearls without price, astrology, sea mammals, genealogy, etc. You will find many points of view expressed here and fodder for mature eclectic discussion that holds little back. One should have an open mind. Your site name has two apostrophes and my template will not allow any - sorry. Scoring: Navigation 28/30, Design 25/30, Content 37/40 = 90%
www.geocities.com/tmpstqueen DOWN Sir Tempest's Queen's Home on the Web

Site#0035 Award#024 1/23/2001-1/24/2001 James Shilt - Troop 214 in Liberty, Missouri (city of a rare Bureau precancel stamp, known in the 1930s as "The Queen" - There are less than 50 copies known.) has come up with a site showing an events calendar table, their Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow honor rolls, photos of the Troop in action (standing around), and a private troop records area. Their links also have screenshots of the destination sites. The webmaster has also spent a lot of time creating an attractive award presentation with citations. It's not reflected in the score, but is definitely worth a look. Navigation is static, since there are only 7 sections. Color rollovers are visible in Internet Explorer. The site design shows clean use of custom logos and graphics. Content is applicable for events tracking and records are in a protected area, so there could be more content. The Eagle Scout Aerie rightly deserves its own section. Is there any room for Court of Honor results, rank progress or merit badge work? A photo board idea is to show 'em camping or working on a project. Viewers should want to join. Score: Navigation: 25/30, Design: 28/30, Content: 30/40 = 83%
DEAD LINK www.shoutingrock.org/troop214 BSA Troop 214, Liberty Missouri

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