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Site#0038 Award#025 2/11/2001-2/24/2001 Mary and Michael - Jendi is a bitchy site from Australia. You can find language, friends and dog humor (humour). Some of the pages are a bit long (load time 3 minutes), but because the frame navigation is always available, it doesn't hurt too much. Colors (Colours) are bright, but nicely paired. High contrast fonts are very readable. Staggered layouts on the page keep everything from being totally centered and boring. I would have liked to read more about the breed, but since these are mixed breeds, that may not have been easy. (Outback dogs?) That's where we found our two stray cats: Out in the Back yard! Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 30/40 = 80%.
www.geocities.com/jendi2_2000 Jendi-The little bitch from Down Under [Australia]

Site#0040 Award#026 2/13/2001-2/24/2001 Nelson & Jamie Thibodeaux - This site contains 250 subsites for Homeowner and Neighborhood Associations in the Dallas, Texas area. I originally thought that the navigation was a bit dependent on the back key, but it would be difficult to integrate so many pieces. A plus: The site pages are small, and completely reviewable on theis small 486 computer. Subsites contain officer names, deed restrictions and other private information specific to each association. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 20/30, Content 30/40 = 75%
www.aboutmyhoa.com AboutMyHOA

Site#0041 Award#027 2/15/2001-2/24/2001 Rob Ford - Treecity is a flash/digital design/World's Top Award site. The new version of the site is now amazingly fast. Small file pages load in only 15-30 seconds on this small 486 computer, which is the fastest FLASH I've seen here, contrasted with one I've seen that takes over 10 minutes to load. Navigation is intuitive. You can play with the page colors (colours), so if you don't like them, it's your own fault. I seem to remember struggling with the Treecity wireframes and multiple animations a few months ago. Rob has enabled the site for the masses and it's even easier to use than before. Maybe I'll try for his award again one of these days, but I'm primarily a specialized content site that's struggling with limited ISP space that limits my creativity. Score: Design 30/30, Navigation 30/30, Content 35/40 = 95%.
www.treecity.co.uk Treecity

Site#0042 Award#028 2/17/2001-2/24/2001 Matrixx - Neo Matrix is a small graphics and background store that is well on the way in its site design. The background page works better in Internet Explorer because it's scrollable. It's tough to read in Netscape. Section links are at the bottom. Some need home or entrance links. The site is fully reviewable on this small 486 computer. Score: Design 20/30, Navigation 23/30, Content 30/40 = 73%
www.neomatrix.com Neo Matrix

TPC Excellence Award Serial 029 TPC Excellence Award Serial 030 TPC Excellence Award Serial 031 TPC Excellence Award Serial 032

Site#0045 Award#029 2/25/2001-3/21/2001 Kimberly - Her small, cute personal site is built with Scooby Doo in mind. You need frames for the navigation, which works well. If not, you get a "rut-ro" message. Text is neon colors on a black background. A scrollable box is at the right, while the left side is reserved for slide shows. Have fun! Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 25/40 = 81%
www.gethep.net Imheptoo

Site#0046 Award#030 2/25/2001-3/21/2001 Larry Shackelford - Navigation is at the top. I would recommend a duplicate set of the section pages to reduce scrolling back up since there is no top of page link. Burnt orange text on the dark blue background shows up well. There's a good variety of psychic services. How about a natal chart of Leonard Da Vinci to show off your product? Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 30/40 = 86%
www.desertmoonprofiles.com Desert Moon Profiles

Site#0047 Award#031 2/25/2001-3/21/2001 Helio - This huge Portuguese site has everything and more about the sport of running in Brazil. The directory-like sitemap is neat. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 40/40 = 96%
www.copacabanarunners.net Copacabana Runners [Brazil]

Site#0051 Award#032 3/9/2001-3/21/2001 Myles - Here are links, rules and help to get started in Internet Relay Chatting. New items are on the Home Page. The design is minimalist, but hey, all you wan'na do is talk, right? Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 27/40 = 77%
www.irchat.tv IRChat

TPC Excellence Award Serial 033 TPC Excellence Award Serial 034 TPC Excellence Award Serial 035 TPC Excellence Award Serial 036

Site#0052 Award#033 3/11/2001-3/30/2001 Master Michael Dimino - Reiki? It's about philosophy and spiritual information. The site has three major sections with books of Love, Life and Truth. The background is sometimes a bit busy. Does it matter? Score: Design 20/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 30/40 = 75%
truth.angelcities.com Truth

Site#0053 Award#034 3/11/2001-3/30/2001 Jonathan Hayward - The design is minimalist by this criteria, but look for an amazing amount of content. Note 3 versions of the site map. There are many helpful articles, so look around. The title says it all. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 20/30, Content 38/40 = 78%
JonathansCorner.com Eclectica moved to Jonathan's Corner

Site#0055 Award#035 Unsolicited-3/30/2001 A. M. Pinion - This wonderful parody site is nicely designed with a judicious amount of animation. Abdul gets to places I've never been. I even saw that he piloted a Southwest Airlines plane. The next thing you know, civilians will be driving submarines. HEY, wait a minute! Civilians ARE driving submarines. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 30/30, Content 35/40 = 93%
www.violetcrown.com/abdul Abdul the Great

Site#0056 Award#036 3/16/2001-3/30/2001 Catherine Ruston - This cleanly designed site has original artwork, along with "fan" references for historic painting, literature and music. Catherine also runs a 4.5 rated award site herself. Score: Design 30/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 35/40 = 93%
www.perfectory.com Perfectory

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