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Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence - winners
TPC Excellence Award Serial 037 TPC Excellence Award 2.5 Serial 038 TPC Excellence Award 3.0 Serial 038 TPC Excellence Award Serial 039 TPC Excellence Award Serial 040

Site#0058 Award#037 3/17/2001-3/30/2001 Glen Yeadon - This is a "proudly and defiantly" liberal activist site which wants to expand your thinking about politics and other ideas. They don't like the right wing, but I learned that there are apparently no wings to the left of "liberal" according to them. The tyranny is "Java", which slows down the site. Score: Design 15/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 35/40 = 75%.
www.spiritone.com/~gdy52150/whiterose.htm The White Rose

Site#0059 Award#038 3/22/2001-3/30/2001 - Clay's Award recognizes some content. There's some here in the S.E.T.I. section which should be more strongly emphasized. Clay pigeon links have the same priority. This framed site is very fast. Score: Design 20/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 25/40 = 70%
dead link
www.clays.net DEAD LINK -

Site#0060 Award#039 3/27/2001-3/30/2001 Robert White - This site is a free resource site for musicians. The totals for the various sections is nicely implemented with an e-classifieds system. There may be much more in the members' section. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 27/30, Content 30/40 = 82%.
www.musicians-find.com Musicians Find

Site#0067 Award#040 4/19/2001-4/23/2001 Allen Robinson - This is a history and abstract of the BBC Dr. Who series. The site has next and previous links at the bottom, in addition to the standard navigation. I was thinking of something like that, which adds to disability access. K-9 was mentioned only briefly, but has his own following. Who is clean and fast. That was a statement, not a question. Score: Design 27/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 35/40 = 90%.
www.atlantic.net Who's Doctor Who? DEAD E-MAIL

TPC Excellence Award Serial 041 TPC Excellence Award Serial 042 TPC Excellence Award Serial 043 TPC Excellence Award Serial 044

Site#0068 Award#041 4/20/2001-5/1/2001 Russell Therkelsen - This is a pictorial listing of high Australian dollar value houses on their Gold Coast. Do they need a map? Thumbnails point to large pictures. Back buttons there are a nice navigational addition. Scoring reflects a small site, but they're on the right track. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 20/30, Content 30/40 = 75%.
www.goldcoastprestigerealestate.com.au Gold Coast Prestige Real Estate Australia

Site#0070 Award#042 4/26/2001-5/1/2001 Ulrich Leive - JOSCHI shows up on nearly every page of this huge fully bilingual English/German site. In addition to Joschi's antics, you see Ulrich's spotlighted art. Backgrounds can be complex, but they fit the subject. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 40/40 = 93%.
www.geocities.com/joschidog The Little Dog JOSCHI Introduces Himself

Site#0071 Award#043 4/26/2001-5/1/2001 Alberto Paronetto - This modern and clean italian site showcases the Sinapsis Award for an Intellectual Attitude. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 35/40 = 88%.
www.geocities.com/a_paronetto Alberto Paronetto on the Web

Site#0072 Award#044 4/26/2001-5/1/2001 Francis Hriadil - Pa Koa Chang is a Chinese health and self-defense method. Finding your way around is easy and interesting, since the site is blazingly fast for its size. Score: Design 26/30, Navigation 26/30, Content 32/40 = 84%.
www.pa-kua.com (does not want to trade links) Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang)

TPC Excellence Award Serial 045 TPC Excellence Award Serial 046

Site#0074 Award#045 4/29/2001-5/1/2001 James Matthew (Matt) Wallace - Here's some of what I'm seeing more of these days, a neat method for finding your classmates. He says it's the 2nd largest class from his high school, [actually largest, and 2nd in North Carolina] but I'll have to call it "medium-small", since I was one of 1143 myself. The search engines should help folks find this one. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 30/40 = 80%.
www.CompleatHeretic.com/efshs1979 East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979 [Winston-Salem NC]

Site#0080 Award#046 5/6/2001-5/10/2001 Marja-Riitta - A comprehensive dual English/Finnish site gives history, standards, shows, and family pictures of this breed. The framed site runs quickly on small systems. This is currently the 10th most awarded site in the world, with 1100+ awards. It deserves at least one more. Score: Design 27/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 25/40 = 90%.
dead link
www.saunalahti.fi/~deveri1DEAD LINK Black Russian Terrier [Finland]

TPC Excellence Award Serial 047 TPC Excellence Award Serial 048 TPC Excellence Award Serial 049
TPC Excellence Award Serial 050 TPC Excellence Award Serial 051 TPC Excellence Award Serial 052

Site#0083-0088 Award#047-052 5/13/2001-5/18/2001 Chris Shemwell - An allied group of marketing sites has a lot of ideas for different employment opportunities with a high degree of flexibility. Some pieces are subscription based, but many ideas for what you want to do in your spare time can be found here by just wandering around. Score as a group: Design 25/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 30/40 = 80%.
www.mustseesites.com Must See Sites!
www.americanbabycontest.com American Baby Contest
www.workathomeincome.com National Work At Home Employment Center
www.computerjobsathome.com Computer Jobs At Home
www.mysteryshopperjobs.com Mystery Shopper Jobs
www.easyincomeprogram.com DOWN Top Telecommuting Jobs

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