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TPC Excellence Award Serial 053 TPC Excellence Award Serial 054 TPC Excellence Award Serial 055 TPC Excellence Award Serial 056

Site#0090 Award#053 5/14/2001-5/24/2001 Frank und Angelika Heiland - Here is a small German travelogue for Tunisia. Navigation is forward/back/home. Watch out for missing home links, as in the Reiseland Tunisien page. Score: Design 24/30, Navigation 15/30, Content 22/40 = 71%
DEAD LINK www.pemaweb.de/frank4 Tunisien

Site#0091 Award#054 5/15/2001-5/24/2001 Jari Sama - Pharaos World explains several items about ancient Egypt. The interactive hieroglyphics translator was interesting. Some pages, like Hadrian's Wall, had missing home links. I would have liked to have seen a couple of more specialties, a vulture/geier/vaotour page, used all over the place in Egyptian symbolism (see Nekhebet), and obelisks. "Nova" did two whole programs trying to figure out how the ancient Egyptians raised the things. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 20/30, Content 32/40 = 80%
www.geocities.com/pharaos_world Pharaos world

Site#0095 Award#055 5/17/2001-5/24/2001 Ignacio Fernandez - This is a small Spanish site. A public transportation area and another page of services are the highlights. Score: Design 24/30, Navigation 15/30, Content 22/40 = 71%
galeon.hispavista.com/redirigir.phtml ayuda al navegante

Site#0096 Award#056 5/17/2001-5/24/2001 Harald - How about a German carp fishing site? You may see many pictures of their gear, so you can see what is required, and you don't even have to be able to read German. Pictures of the large fish speak for themselves. Score: Design 22/30, Navigation 22/30, Content 35/40 = 79%
dead link
www.karpfen-angeln.purespace.de DEAD LINK Karpfen Angeln

TPC Excellence Award Serial 057 TPC Excellence Award Serial 058 TPC Excellence Award Serial 059 TPC Excellence Award Serial 060

Site#0097 Award#057 5/18/2001-6/1/2001 Karthik Ramkumar - A college message board - with interview questions, chat, exam prep tools, forums, etc. A little slow on a small system, but fulfills the function. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 22/30, Content 30/40 = 77%
www16.brinkster.com/srminfo/index.html SRMINFO

Site#0098 Award#058 5/18/2001-6/1/2001 Matthew McGowan - A fast running framed site - I didn't even have to clear out my cache. More than expected about the restaurant, opinions (worth reading about the stories behind the Cincinnati riots) and a bonus Pete Rose page. I was actually in Hamilton County during the late Pete Rose era, and some noted that the story was in every section of the Cincinnati Enquirer except the Food Section. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 38/40 = 91%
www.campanellos.com Campanello's Italian Restaurant

Site#0100 Award#059 5/20/2001-6/1/2001 Dominique Clément - A web graphics tutorial and gallery site, if you've wondered "How did they do that?" The site is fully reviewable on this 486, meaning that the page size is small and modular. The navigation bar is a bit long. Could the titles be overlaid on the click bars to save space? Score: Design 29/30, Navigation 27/30, Content 38/40 = 94%
www.on-ze-net.com/dominique_ic Image Composer tips and pictures

Site#0101 Award#060 5/22/2001-6/1/2001 Nicole und Oliver - A site for Z gauge (1:220) (the little tiny one) railroad models. Perhaps I'll see them on the railroad related "The Railyard" train of THE RAIL. I found the top rail electrified railroad especially interesting. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 30/40 = 80%
www.on2world.de Modellbahnbau im Maßstab 1:220 (Spur-Z)

TPC Excellence Award Serial 061 TPC Excellence Award Serial 062 TPC Excellence Award Serial 063 TPC Excellence Award Serial 064

Site#0102 Award#061 5/27/2001-6/1/2001 Richard Fox - Detail, Detail, Detail! Just what you would expect from a fine genealogy site. Also of help are methods of footnoting your own data and some hints for presentation. Score: Design 30/30, Navigation 27/30, Content 39/40 = 96%
www.theyliveagain.com They Live Again or

Site#0104 Award#062 5/28/2001-6/1/2001 YahYah - The 50's design takes me back. This makes the site kinda' fun. Navigation takes a bit of hunting, but is all there. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 18/30, Content 30/40 = 73%
www.planetyahyah.com/chronicles Planet YahYah

Site#0105 Award#063 5/29/2001-6/1/2001 Scott Goble - This is a fast, typical web designer site. Only some awards for the site are shown for some reason, with several broken images. Navigation is consistent, but a little long. Score: Design 27/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 32/40 = 84%
www.southlandtech.net Southland Technologies

Site#0110 Award#064 6/5/2001-6/15/2001 Limuel Swanson - This is a new small award site, cleanly designed and fast running. I saw good layout with use of clear space on the page. He noticed a new master index of award links I was working on. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 30/40 = 80%
DEAD LINK www.members.truepath.com/pharaoh Pharaoh Awards

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