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Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence Winners

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Site#0114 Award#065 6/11/2001-6/25/2001 Robert Smith - Here are comments and links about donators to this noble cause. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 20/30, Content 25/40 = 70%
expage.com/aid4free AID-4-FREE

Site#0117 Award#066 6/13/2001-6/24/2001 Mario Calixterio - I noticed a nice use of nonintrusive graphics boxes and corners to set off the extensive text, diary and web tutorials. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 37/40 = 93%
www.geocities.com/marcalix_ca WebMaze

Site#0124 Award#067 6/23/2001-7/5/2001 Peter Baehr - This small, experimental site has not yet been destroyed by trying new technology. Navigation needs some work, but I could still get around. Score: Design 22/30, Navigation 18/30, Content 30/40 = 70%
www.pemaweb.de Rund um pemaweb

Site#0128 Award#068 6/27/2001-7/5/2001 Alexsandralyn Stevenson - I noticed the light, unobtrusive textured background and excellent layout, since artwork is featured on the site. Score: Design 27/30, Navigation 27/30, Content 37/40 = 91%
waynepeterson.20m.com Paintings by Wayne Peterson

TPC Excellence Award Serial 069 TPC Excellence Award Serial 070 TPC Excellence Award Serial 071 TPC Excellence Award Serial 072

Site#0133 Award#069 6/30/2001-7/5/2001 Mary Thompson - Here is a superb site that gets right to the details. I previously checked there when they were admitted to Award Sites Hall of Honor. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 25/30, Content 38/40 = 91%
www.mosingers.com The Michael O'Neal Singers

Site#0134 Award#070 6/30/2001-7/5/2001 Karl Bartoni - This is a site for entertainers, but new information seems to serve as a memorial for Charles W. Cameron. Links have a helpful paragraph for each one. Score: Design 25/30, Navigation 15/30, Content 30/40 = 70%
www.dragonskull.co.uk/main.htm Dragonskull Magick

Site#0136 Award#071 7/2/2001-7/5/2001 George Hicks - This site has map price lists for the Bos-Ny-Wash area. A sample page or two might have helped to showcase their products. Score: Design 27/30, Navigation 20/30, Content 30/40 = 77%
www.streetmapexpress.com Street Map Express

Site#0137 Award#072 7/2/2001-7/6/2001 John Moss - I see minimal strange technology to mess things up. All effort is put into the fine layout. Watch this site for 2002 Commonwealth Games info. Regional content is notable if you are planning a trip here. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 27/30, Content 39/40 = 94%
www.manchester2002-uk.com DOWN Manchester 2002 [England]

The Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence has been retired.
See the gold/silver/bronze/merit program winners.

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