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TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 011 Site#0261 Award#3.0G011 11/8-28/2001 Shadow Poetry - I found a very attractive design, without being overdone. Navigation choices were extensive, with sections/subsections, internal links and more section links at the bottom. In addition, there's also extensive content and interactive features. Pages were small, which made it easy to move around the site. I didn't really see anything I felt like taking off for, in accordance with my present criteria. Score: Design:30/30, Navigation:30/30, Content:40/40 = 100%
www.shadowpoetry.com Marie Summers
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 012 Site#0259 Award#3.5G012 11/6-12/12/2001 Historic and Cultural Heritage of the Perm region - I found a cleanly designed, fast loading Russian language site. Notice the use of white space and nonintrusive backgrounds, even if you can't read what's here. There's also a separate top rated award program in English. Score: Design:30/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:40/40 = 98%
heritage.perm.ru Rodion Wildonoff
Site#0285 Award#3.5G013 12/6/2001-1/10/2002 Safe Haven - This is a fast loading, modular site with a noble mission. Design is clean, and I noticed many extra hyperlinks. Content was extensive. This is a gold award, so anything else I say can be a suggestion. Perhaps a "top" link would help on a few of the long pages. The Self Test Page thinks it is the Statistics Page. Score: Design:29/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:40/40 = 97%
www.safehaven-uk.org Karen Janes
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 013 Site#0293 Award#3.5G014 12/19/2001-1/24/2002 Wowgraphics - This German/English site has a constant frame, with extensive, intuitive subsection navigation. Pages are kept small, which is a great help for a graphics site. Score: Design:30/30, Navigation:30/30, Content:29/40 = 99%
www.wowgraphics.net Sigrid Harder
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 014  
Site#0307 Award#3.5G015 1/3-2/1/2002 Moments... - My criteria encourages this kind of site: fast loading with clean design and little reliance on CPU-wasting technology that adds nothing to the site except time. The only haikus I have submitted are to the SPAM haiku site. They're really senryuu. Oh well. I knew that. I then thought about adverbial puns (Tom Swifty) and came up with a Tom Swifty haiku/senryu: "I hate SPAM haikus / as much as I hate Swiftys," / said Tom meatily. A pleasant, pastel color scheme with lizard motif complements the text. The site looks sparse at first, but look for third level pages in some of the sections. That helped the scoring for both navigation and content. Score: Design:29/30, Navigation:29/30, Content:38/40 = 96%
personal.nbnet.nb.ca/litha/moments/moments.html Tina Stanton
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 015 Site#0323 Award#3.5G016 1/19-3/2/2002 Marseille Prospective Lions Club - This attractive fraternal site with pastel design is fully reviewable on this 486. That should help get the word out. My father was an Army Supply Sergeant in Marseille during World War II, but things have changed a lot since then. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:40/40 = 96%
lionsclubprospective.free.fr/us_index.html Didier Grau
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 016
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 017 Site#0334 Award#3.5G017 1/29-3/6/2002 Cyberlights Lighthouse Page - I've seen this site before and found their lighthouse screen saver. They're collecting a tremendous amount of material about each lighthouse in the country, plus others as they are found. Texas will be added later, as the webmaster likes to physically tour the sites. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:40/40 = 96%
www.cyberlights.com/lh Gary Richardson
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 018 Site#0355 Award#3.5G018 2/20-3/30/02 - The Authorized Graham Nash Site - This is a top quality site, which runs their own GNAE award program. I didn't mess with the extra plugin required for photos, but they run fine in Internet Explorer. You will also find many fan encounters and experiences. Score: Design 28/30, Navigation 28/30, Content 40/40 = 96%
www.garnettsites.com DOWN Brian Garnett
Award#3.5G019 3/6-4/15/2002 - Jim Phelps, Guitarist - First up are 2 sizes of flash or not, and frames or no frames. Some rollover toggle switches are navigational indicators. Another plus is navigational elements on large graphics under the thumbnails. In other words, I found a lot of helpful touches to make it easy to get around in the site, where there's lots to see and hear. Score: Design 29/30, Navigation 30/30, Content 38/40 = 97%
jimphelps.com Jim Phelps
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 019 Award#3.5G020 4/11-5/29/2002 - SWART - This is a graphic design marketing site. Pages are large but fast loading. Text is tiny, but the site is very usable. I didn't see the problems I had last time. Of navigational note is the large graphics behind the thumbnails. Since they are in a page window, all navigation is preserved. Score: Design 29/30, Navigation 29/30, Content 38/40 = 96%
sites.uol.com.br/kellywinck Serge Winck
TPC Excellence Gold Award Serial 020  

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bar award change wide 747x28 originally www.tmbfree.com, buttonized, color coordinated, stretched and cropped by john foster

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