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Site#0403 Award#3.5M031 4/9-5/29/2002 Teaching Health and Using Technology - Load time is a problem (java and applets) but I wanted to recognize a couple of other items. The interesting site map is rather an index with color keys. There's also a section of school web sites with ideas of note. One must go back home from subpages to go anywhere else. Score: Design:15/30, Navigation:15/30, Content:40/40 = 70% www.timolson.com Timothy A Olson - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 031
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 032 Site#0406 Award#3.5M032 4/10-5/29/2002 Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League - This site is fairly plain and non-sensational if you ignore the text, which can be sensational. Navigation: One must go back home from subpages to go anywhere else. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:15/30, Content:32/40 = 72% www.GodlessProlifers.org James Matthew (Matt) Wallace -
Site#0410 Award#3.5M033 4/18-5/29/2002 Axletree Dynamo - Perpetual Motion Through Gravity And Magnetics - This is a small site containing what turned out to be a proposal for a free energy device. Unfortunately, no example was built. Navigation is forward only at the bottom. A copy of the top navigation bar at the bottom would be more useful since there's no "go to top". Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:15/30, Content:30/40 = 70% Postscript: With that said, no proper history of perpetual motion would be complete without a Google search for "Orffyreus", who was apparently the only one to get it right. I saw a couple of sites with illustrations from his pamplet and many links (none provided on this reviewed site) to the history of perpetual motion. "Oddities", a book by Rupert T. Gould, has a chapter on Orffyreus and some discussion about overbalancing wheels similar to the Axletree Dynamo. www.stoptellingustobe.com/axletree/index.html Cat Lowe - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 033
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 034 Site#041 Award#3.5M034 4/19-5/29/2002 Dakota Ridge Weim - Here's a Weimeraner show dog and art site. Most everything with a few exceptions is centered, which cuts down the design points. Score: Design:10/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 70% www.geocities.com/dakotaridgeweim Dakota Ridge Weim -
Site#0415 Award#3.5M035 4/21-5/29/2002 Star Marketing USA - Some floating stars and hovers didn't work in Netscape 4. The samples of the cards provided would probably be helpful to prospects. Score: Design:20/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 80% www.starmarketingusa.com Patricia Karl - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 035
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 036 Site#0427 Award#3.5M036 5/6-6/7/2002 Pro Travel Concepts - This is a small marketing site that has several promotional products -- I noticed air fares, hotels, and rounds of golf. Shopping isn't possible from the other side of a firewall, a software limitation. Hopefully, the site will later become larger, needing more navigational decisions. Score: Design:23/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:30/40 = 78% www.protravelconcepts.com Vina Galindo -
Site#0436 Award#3.5M037 5/15-6/19/2002 JerryD's Music Site - Design: Everything centered. Navigation: Must go back home and open the site menu to pick choices to go from a subpage. Subpages have forward only linear navigation. Other than that, Jerry has worked on the pages to keep them short for fast loading. There's much content to find. Score: Design:20/30, Navigation:20/30, Content:35/40 = 75% www.jerryd1.com Jerry Tucker - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 037
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 038 Site#0440 Award#3.5M038 5/20-6/19/2002 Calling All Grandmothers - This site has many message boards where participants are encouraged to post something. Pages are long, but that means that there are a lot of choices. Score: Design:20/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:35/40 = 78% communities.msn.com/callingallgrandmothers Nancy Schwartz -
Site#0448 Award#3.5M039 5/27-7/14/2002 Lindor - This Italian/English site has been around for quite a while, and I have seen several versions of their own award program. Several internal pages open in new windows. Please consider _top instead of _blank for internal links. "Everything centered" text drags the design score down a bit. The site states that it is "best in Internet Explorer 5+" but I saw no real code problems in Netscape 4. Other sites with that admonition (and inline frames, etc.) will not run at all here. Backgrounds fit the mood and are attractive, with high contrast text. Score: Design:22/30, Navigation:22/30, Content:32/40 = 76% www.lindorblu.it Nicoletta Lindor - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 039
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 040 Site#0472 Award#3.5M040 7/17-8/10/2002 Tim's Spider Corner - Broken images were found in Cromi and Toy, but I think they were external. The site worked correctly in I.E. but I found a strange problem in Netscape. Most headings included AMPERSAND AMP at the front, as if a semicolon were being ignored. This was probably another case of Frontpage ignoring Netscape. Navigation text was tiny, but maybe it's only my own preference to see something a bit larger. Of note are the site entry pages. You can pick from 3 screen resolutions and two languages. You will then find a lot of spider related material. Score: Design:17/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:39/40 = 81% www.timart.be Tim Beylemans -

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