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Site#0476 Award#3.5M041 6/19-8/10/2002 Heppo World - Alphabetic pages are fast loading. This site is useful for those similary afflicted. One must go back from subpages to go elsewhere. The background is a little distracting, as well as some large text. Remember: (1) Downtown Hutto, Texas has a hippo sculpture. (2) Don't look at a real hippopotamus too closely. They sweat blood. Score: Design:22/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:35/40 = 80% heppoworld.com Linda Soto - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 041
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 042 Site#0478 Award#3.5M042 6/22-8/10/2002 Garden of Thoughts - This is a merit award because the site struggles with java load time on a small system. It is unusually effective on a fast system, and deserves better. This is a very specific criteria. I found the background refreshing and the menu animation interesting. Score: Design:23/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:32/40 = 80% www.geocities.com/alicegraceledesma/index.html Alice Grace Ledesma -
Site#0481 Award#3.5M043 6/30-8/10/2002 Mollys Place - Pages were long, with everything centered. Red text is hard to read on a red background. Of note, all pages are present in the navigation. I'm not sure what will happen as the site expands. Score: Design:23/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:32/40 = 80% mollyann.com Molly Ann McGuire - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 043
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 044 Site#0482 Award#3.5M044 6/30-8/10/2002 Offshore Pictures - I saw a clean design, with thumbnails used for large pictures. I would have liked to see more narrative, explaining his experience or relationship to the products, and missions of different elements. I didn't see many in Ohio. Java and applets limited the speed of the load time. Score: Design:20/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:34/40 = 79% www.offshorepictures.com Derek MacKay -
Site#0483 Award#3.5M045 7/1-8/10/2002 The Nighthawk - Design of the site is very basic. One must go back from subpages to go anywhere else. The picture and content say all that he wants. I found the reverse of the usual fan site, a site with "heart". Here we have the wrestler himself, dedicating his own site to his fans. Score: Design:15/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:36/40 = 74% the-nighthawk.home.att.net Ron Thomas - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 045
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 046 Site#0486 Award#3.5M046 7/4-8/25/2002 Euromania - First you see curious green boxes, but most of them go away when rolled over. Communist hammer and sickles are the entry point. The essence of the site is an explanation of the new Euro coins. I'm not sure what the dripping blood is for. I looked past some mismatched text and background to read about the coins. Score: Design:20/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:32/40 = 80% spazioinwind.iol.it/sanemestucore Fujakka/Raffaele - Italy
Site#0492 Award#3.5M047 7/11-8/25/2002 Adage Web Design - There's no graphics on the site and design is basic. Their portfolio is to be found in their customer web sites. With that in mind, they were showing me a site that was under construction, Saadeh Motorworks. Score: Design:23/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:30/40 = 78% www.adagewebdesign.com DOWN John Patrick - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 047
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 048 Site#0505 Award#3.5M048 8/5-9/11/2002 Nobska Web Design - This is a small web design marketing site, with 5 pages of text, 4 Palm download pages and some awards pages. Text covered the full width of the screen, and should have been broken up. One maximum I have seen as a rule of thumb is 80 bytes/characters. The lighthouse background was complementary, nonintrusive and went well with their history. Rollover expanding menus were helpful, but cause load time to be about 3 minutes per page. I was especially looking for some samples of their work, given their mission. There was no portfolio, or at least no links to their sites that I could see. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:20/40 = 70% www.nobskaweb.com Lauren K. Finn -
Site#0510 Award#3.5M049 8/7-9/30/2002 ELAC Auctioneers and Appraisers, LLC - The site must have been new when I started looking, since they had nothing to sell. After a time, more appeared, and they're now in business. A note said that it was best in IE 5+, but Netscape 4 was able to view it. Score: Design:22/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:32/40 = 77% www.elac-llc.com Cedric Ector - TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 049
TPC Excellence Merit Award Serial 050 Site#0508 Award#3.5M050 8/7/-10/20/2002 Official James MacArthur Digital Scrapbook www.jmdigitalscrapbook.com Deborah Smoliske -

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