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TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 011 Site#0238 Award#3.5S011 10/14-11/21/2001 Friends of Morningside Park - Yes, there are places other than Central Park. Here's one. History and current projects can be found here. A memorial to the September 11 tragedy will also be included. If you are in a dependent page, you must go back to the home page to go anywhere else, a distracting liability. The site is fast loading, which helps a lot, with high contrast and an easy to read design. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:40/40 = 91%
www.morningsidepark.org Doug Robinson
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 012 Site#0243 Award#3.5S012 10/19-11/27/2001 Taylors Elementary School - See this fast loading site for many different school projects. The Principal page is a bit wide, but I see no horizontal scroll for some reason. It might be a Netscape bug in this old version 4.0 browser. Score: Design:26/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:38/40 = 91%
www.greenville.k12.sc.us/taylorse/index.htm Melodie White
Site#0247 Award#3.5S013 10/22-11/28/2001 Designs by Dev - Good top/left/bottom navigation and a neat color scheme is combined with a fast loading site. The calling card section might need more navigation buttons to match the other pages. Maybe I just remembered it because that's the page I saw first. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:29/30, Content:34/40 = 91%
DEAD LINK www.designsbydev.com Cathy Devereaux
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 013 Site#0248 Award#3.5S014 10/22-11/28/2001 Unofficial Fibber McGee and Molly Home Page - The home page took 2 minutes to load. Navigation requires going back there before going anywhere else, incurring a 2 minute penalty. Attractive retro graphics are found on the dependent pages. The collectibles page had rather large thumbnails, requiring 2 1/2 minutes to load. Content is extensive, with what looks to be a complete show listing. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:24/30, Content:39/40 = 90%
www.compusmart.ab.ca/agirard/fibber/79.htm Al Girard
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 014  
Site#0253,#0277 Award#3.5S015 11/4-12/5/2001 Web Design 2000 Awards Program - This Award Program Site runs as a small window within the entry page which also detects your browser type. It appears best in 800x600 resolution. Choices are Italian/English/Spanish. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:35/40 = 91%
digilander.iol.it/WebDesign2000 Gianni
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 015 Site#0255 Award#3.5S016 11/4-12/12/2001 Grosh Theater and Stage Backdrops and Curtain Rentals - Small, interesting animation of searchlights was especially appropriate for the subject. Clean graphic arts design techniques were used. Here's extensive content that solves your event or party problems, they say. "Go to top" would be helpful at the bottom of long pages. Score: Design:26/30, Navigation:26/30, Content:40/40 = 92%
www.grosh.com Jenny Keens
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 016
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 017 Site#0257 Award#3.5S017 11/4-12/21/2001 BigEye Siteport - This site has complex navigation with interesting design and inner/outer frames. Print is tiny, but readable. Extensive English/Portuguese content is here. Score: Design:26/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:40/40 = 94%
bigeyeport.planaclix.pt Vitor Oliveira
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 018 Site#0260 Award#3.5S018 11/7-12/21/2001 cscdesign desktop tidys and wallpaper - I didn't see anything out of place, so will leave it to the score. Original email was returned. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:37/40 = 94%
www.cscdesign2001.plus.com Colin Campbell
Site#0268 Award#3.5S019 11/16-12/21/2001 barrys ticket service - Design is basic, but that's not the objective here. I found a wide range of events supported, which means that tickets can be purchased for all sorts of things. Seating charts and search functions are are helpful. Rose Bowl and Rodeo style sheets were missing. Score: Design:26/30, Navigation:26/30, Content:38/40 = 90%
www.barrystickets.com Chris Cabrera
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 019 Site#0270 Award#3.5S020 11/17-12/21/2001 High Strung Music - This is an attractive musical artist site, with music, poetry and prose. His upcoming concert schedule is also here. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:36/40 = 91%
www.highstrungmusic.com Dean Kisling
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 020  

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