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TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 031 Site#0391 Award#3.5S031 3/24-5/13/2002 WhiteGyr web page design - The site was there for awhile, then down on April 28. I waited for its return. The essence is for an Idaho family run design of public and commercial websites. Also to be found is an extensive web design link section. Load time was a little better on some days than others. The browser note says "best with IE5", but I really had no problems with Netscape 4. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:37/40 = 90%
www.whitegyr.com Millard Hiner
Site#0413 Award#3.5S032 4/20-5/29/2002 Welcome to the Music of FarLand - Integrated graphics was a pleasure to view on the pastel background. One must go back to the site menu for most things. It frees up space on the page, but takes awhile each time on a slow machine. Score: Design:28/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:37/40 = 92%
www.farland-music.com Bernd Owsnicki-Klewe
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 032
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 033 Site#0423 Award#3.5S033 4/30-6/5/02 DeLucia.org - At one point the main site was not found, but that seemed to be a temporary error. The graphical relationships are useful to start figuring out their family genealogy. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:37/40 = 91%
www.delucia.org Anthony De Lucia, Jr.
Site#0428 Award#3.5S034 5/8-6/7/2002 TLTC Wild Adventures - This site contains the equivalent to trainspotting -- fishing boat spotting. In addition to the workhorse boats, factory ships are pictured and explained. Other Newfoundland and Labrador information is also here. Score: Design:26/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:39/40 = 92%
www.angelfire.com/rock/lyall Tom Lyall
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 034
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 035 Site#0429 Award#3.5S035 5/8-6/13/2002 - Filsafat Kita - The fine grayscale graphics are what made me notice the site. It's peaceful in its own way, compared to the riot of color seen so many other places. Contents are in Indonesian. Score: Design:29/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:34/40 = 91%
filsafatkita.f2g.net DOWN Juneman Abraham
Site#0435 Award#3.5S036 5/14-6/19/2002 BV.Lindenheuvel - Here's a history of billiards, if you can read Dutch. The site is best viewed in 1024x768, but still usable at 800x600, due to its center frame design. Huub also runs an awards program. Score: Design:29/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:34/40 = 90%
www.lindenheuvel.net Huub Crapels
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 036
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 037 Site#0458 Award#3.5S037 6/4-7/14/2002 Pontius Pilate Coins - This contains an extensive resource for Pontius Pilate coins, since the webmaster owns many of those ever found. The possible connection to the body of Christ is also explored. Descriptions on the enlargments page would be helpful. Pages need go to _top at the bottom. A first person narrative holds your interest. Jean-Philippe also has an award for numismatic sites. It's too bad that I can't qualify for THEIR award. Anyhow, a bronze award would be appropriate for the subject, but I scored it higher ... giving a silver. Score: Design:26/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:40/40 = 91%
www.pilatecoins.com Jean-Philippe Fontanille
Site#0477 Award#3.5S038 6/20-8/10/2002 Unsers - Site design was clean and modern. I found the small -2 size font difficult to read, but maybe that's personal preference. Many highly rated sites use tiny fonts. I only use that size for award citations, and a little larger size for my own main site. Some pages only had back/zurück navigation, but the frame navigation was always available to go to section pages. Load time was very fast. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:38/40 = 90%
www.unsers.de Kai-Uwe Hagemann
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 038
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 039 Site#0488 Award#3.5S039 7/6-8/25/2002 If you Ask James about Cystic Fibrosis/AJCF - The site states that it is best viewed in IE5+, but I did not have any problems in Netscape 4. An overwhelming amount of content is here for this Cystic Fibrosis resource, much from personal experience. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:28/30, Content:40/40 = 95%
azcowboy88.tripod.com James Binegar
Site#0512 Award#3.5S040 8/8-10/2/2002 Sunset Surfers
www.sunsetsurfers.com Will Harbeson
TPC Excellence Silver Award Serial 040

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