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The Conclave Hot Site Award of Excellence
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#1196. The Conclave Hot Site Award of Excellence - October 28, 2002 Congrats, Your site is more than deserving of this award. Display it with pride all i ask is that you link the award back to me your site will be placed on the winners page asap. Again Congrats keep up the good work and good luck for the future Dawn {Wilson} United Kingdom
#1681. Penmarric's Rexellent Page Award Platinum - January 10, 2003 - Thankyou for applying for our award. Our judges have all visited your site, and have found it interesting, informative and a pleasure to surf through. We found the section on your awards won difficult to follow, but with so many awards, it's not any wonder! ;-) ConCATulations! You have won our platinum award. Please link the award back to us. -- Purrs, Lin{da Smith} Canada penmarric's Rexellent Page Award Platinum

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