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#1108. Greens Things Gold Award for Page Design, navigation and layout - September 6, 2001 - Welcome to Greens Things, Where the grass is always greener on my side of the fence. Congradulations you have recieved [received] my Gold Award, Please link the award back, your site is listed as an award winner on my award winners pages. thanks for applying gg dead link
Greens Things Gold Award for Page Design, Navigation and Layout
DEAD LINK 200x200 greensg.jpg
Marie B Gold Excellence Award
www.marieb.com DOWN
226x226 marieb_g.jpg
#1634. Marie B Gold Excellence Award - September 7, 2002 - Dear John: I have just finished a wonderful tour of your Website.. and it is my pleasure to Award you With my first MB Gold Excellence Award. Congratulations!..it's an Honor!.. Please link it. I'll appreciate if you can inform me as to when and where I may view it's posting on your Website. I love philathely too, I was one for 30 years, your colection is great!.. warmest regards, Marie. Marie B.

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