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December 1, 2000 - (Dama da Noite) Crystal Web Award Fragments 2000 - Hi John, I'm from Brazil and my main interest is to disclose my country in the awards programs. After navigating for a long time in the award sites I didn't see any Brazilian one and I ventured to that besides wanting to reward those that as I spend a lot of hours drawing and trying here to offer pretty things to the eyes of the ones that comes. It follows enclosure my stamp so that you also use it in its site that is very special and it contributes well and better to a net. Below where I insert myself in its approach. [Brazil] Dama da Noite Crystal Web Award Fragments 2000 255x256

award #622. crystalf.jpg
February 1, 2001 - (Fragments) Dama Da Noite Excellence Award - Hi, We are so glad that you stopped in and applied for awards we have just been to your outstanding fantastic site and truly agreed you deserve the awards. We have attached your award along with our award banner all we ask is either if you could please link back the award so others my visit us and have a chance to win also. Please let us know when you have applied your new award to your page so that we may add you to our winners page. Once again congratulations on a well deserved award keep up the great work my friend. In it makes up I placed the link of your site in Portuguese/English. Be welcome to the site Fragments. Dama Da Noite [Brazil] Dama da Noite Excellence Award Fragments 2000 440x341

award #764. stair.jpg
Dama da Noite Web Design Award 314x214

award #789. fragwebd.jpg
February 8, 2001 - (Fragments) Dama Da Noite Web Design Award - Hi John, Excuse me the delay, but I am making some here works that occupied me a long time. With a lot of pleasure shipping all (10) the awards that you requested. The Brazilian friend's hugs, Dama Da Noite **** [Brazil]
Dama da Noite Special Site Award 218x174

Special Site award #790. frogtrue.jpg
Dama da Noite Gem of Web Award 225x128

Gem of Web award #791. gemweb.jpg
Dama da Noite Jewel of the Web Award 315x245

Jewel of the Web Award #792. fragjewe.jpg
Dama da Noite Beauty Website Award 320x473

Beauty Award #793. sereia.jpg
Dama da Noite Talant and Creative Design Award 320x240

Talent and Creative Design Award #794. fragtale.jpg

Dama da Noite Great Site Award 400x300

Great Site Award #795. fraggrea.jpg
Dama da Noite Cool Site Award 388x360

Cool Site Award #796. fragcool.jpg
Dama da Noite Fragmentour Award 290x290

Fragmentour Award #797. fragtour.jpg
Dama da Noite Gold Website Award 2001 315x245

Gold Website Award 2001 #798. fraggold.jpg

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