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#1445. Bear #1 Web Site Award Lest We Forget - May 3, 2002 - Hello John, I have just come form your site. Very interesting and very informative. I am a bit of a collector myself, Case pocket knives and old coins. I have sold most of my coin collection off and have mostly concentrated on the knives. The knives...believe it or now, are much more interesting and have up to this point been a better investment. Anyway...I am happy to present you with my #1 Web Award. I hope it honors you and your site as you both deserve. Take care and GOD bless. Gary S. Champe, a.k.a. Bear, United States Army Retired dead link
Bear #1 Web Site Award Lest We Forget
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#1416. Rachie's Award of Excellence - April 15, 2002 - Hello, and thank you for applying for Rachie's Award of Excellence. I have visited your site and do indeed believe it is an excellent site both in terms of lay-out and content. It also meets our requirment for family friendliness/child safety. I have attached Rachie's Award of Excellence to this email. If you chose to use it will you please link it back. Thanks, and best wishes, Carol and Rachel Rachie's Award of Excellence

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