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10th Anniversary (1994-2004)

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The OK Soda page at (BAD LINK NOW) said that it was test marketed in Portland OR. Austin TX, was also a test market for this stuff. The only OK Soda Machine I can recall seeing was one in the next county, in the H.E.B. Supermarket in Bastrop. All of the buttons except one were dispensing OK Soda.

I have some OK Soda cans, a cardboard 12 pack, and 20 ounce plastic bottles so will have to take some pictures for y'all. A couple leaked with nasty, black results, so I quickly punched holes in the bottom of the rest and released the pink soda. This retains the "mint can-ness" for soda can collectors. The 20 ounce injection molded plastic bottles with contents are still intact, but the sides are pinched and the labels are ugly looking. I will describe the first set of cans. It was 'A CARBONATED "BEVERAGE"', with beverage in quotes, and probably caused the death of the product, since it was so wishy-washy that nobody would buy it. There was briefly a second set, but that's about the time it went away for good. The description on the second, "A UNIQUE FRUITY SODA" was actually preferable, and it might have worked, had it been put out first.

I was also in the right place at the right time to get some go-withs: plastic wrapped "tube" containing 3 cans delivered to our house, paper store 90 degree aisle-marker, hat, t-shirt, and a special premium mint can CONTAINING A HAT and 75 cents (3 quarters). The hat has the OK label on the side, not the front. The other hat came from another opened premium can, now in Butch's Coca Cola museum in Marietta, Ohio. There should also be some other things in a box we kept.

There's none of this in the Coke Museum in Atlanta. (I checked.) It's a "failed product". I'd probably get thrown out if I went in wearing the t-shirt and hat. In the tasting room, the foreign sodas were actually the most interesting. Most were fruity, as was OK. Our family actually like the taste, but there was never a "Diet OK", unfortunately. What's up, DOK?

bar club change wide 747x28 originally, buttonized, color coordinated, stretched and cropped by john foster

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