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    #1768. Kloster Bronze Award - September 26, 2003 -

Dear John, Now the time of evaluating has finished. It was very interesting for me and the first time I visited a website for award. You are the first winner of the Kloster Award who has an english language website. Congratulations for your website! I am proud to honour it with my award. Below on this site you find the laudatio for your website. The award will be sent as an appendix (?) Is it right ;-) I don't know. I hope my english language is not too bad and you are able to understand.
Best wishes, Sr. Lisa
Dear John,
Thanks for your invitation on your website “Texas Precancel Club”. Your site is an uncommon website, it demonstrates your skills in webcreating, the hight compatibility shows your excellent knowledge of html.

It also shows your great enthusiasm for stamps and “the world of webawards”. Your site offers a fullness of information about your favourite topics. I am sure you will have many interested visitors. They can find a lot of information about precancel stamps and the history of this kind of stamps.

Likewise your awardsection: You carried together a lots of information about the awards you have won. I learned about the difference between a mere awardhunter and a very interestet collector, who collects awards whith great carefulness and scientific precision.

So congratulations for your website! I’m glad to present the Kloster Award to you and your website, it has the ID: 02-09-03.

Best wishes and
liebe Grüße von
Sr. Lisa
Meppen / Germany in September 03
Sr. M. Lisa Blömer

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